Have you ever arrived in a town and it seemed like everyone had vanished?
That’s what it felt like when we arrived in the center of  Sperlonga, Italy.
We didn’t arrive during rest time or “Riposo”either.
We decided to take a Sunday drive about an hour and a half up north, past Gaeta to have
lunch and explore this town.
It’s a glowing little town with buildings painted white and surrounded by a sea of blue.
There are multiple places to plop yourself down and enjoy an afternoon under an umbrella, soaking up the rays from the Mediterranean sun.
We keep hearing that the Italians disappear to the beaches in August and I thought maybe we had been locked away in a time capsule and August was already here when we arrived in this white washed town.
We strolled around a bit before deciding where we wanted to enjoy our afternoon lunch.
People were few and far between it seemed. The tiny little boutique shops, that are hidden in between walls of residents and restaurants, are just waiting to be discovered.
We decided on lunch with a scenic view, called Da Martini Sul Ponte.
Only a few customers were dining and overlooking the turquoise water when we arrived. By the end of our meal the patio was filled and the staff was offering places inside to dine.
The service was great and the waiter spoke English, although my husband ordered our entire meal in Italian. It’s funny because the Italian waiters that know English, seem to look forward to speaking the English language, although they appreciate the fact that you as a foreigner have taken the time to learn some of their native tongue.
After we wrapped up lunch, we headed off so the boys could get some gelato. We were lucky they got a scoop before everyone vanished for a mid-afternoon nap.
After the score of the creamy soft serve, we enjoyed the beauty of a now vanished and sleeping town.

The Cinema, located right below the above shot, appeared to be like a drive in, minus the cars and comfort factor. The atmosphere was lovely but the chairs looked a little stiff to me.
After breathing in the beauty for a while, we knew it was time to
hit the road and head back down south before the beach traffic in Mondragone, Italy became too crazy.
We decided to go out a different route and headed up into the hills that overlook the town of Sperlonga.
One thing that hasn’t vanished, seems to be the public display of passion.
Anytime, anywhere, you can find a road in Italy, that leads to this beautiful act of affection.

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