The Goonies

After a week of  being unplugged from electronic habits I am connected again. I took out the IV of technology for a week. It was refreshing. Mr. Neptune came home on July 25th. He has been unplugged for almost 3 months from technology. We took 3 days to explore the west coast of Washington and Northern Oregon. It was an impromptu getaway and blessed to be able to experience such beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest.
We left Saturday morning after breakfast and drove over to Forks, WA. We showed David where we spent some time earlier this summer with his mom and dad.  Most of the world knows of the book series called Twilight. It was based out of this town.  It wasn’t filmed here, the author picked a town with the most rainfall and it happened to be Forks, WA.
It is a very small town but has a lot of interesting sites due to the books and the movies.
When you stop at City Hall they will give you a map to do a driving tour of the city that was represented in the book and movie.

We then drove over to the Hoh Rain Forest in the Olympic National Forest and spent a little time exploring there.  Our main goal was to make it to Cannon Beach, OR on Sunday to spend the next day and half, relaxing and unwinding from a stressful start to the summer.

We thought we could make it to Aberdeen, WA and stay the night there.  Surely there would be some Motel 6 like hotel with a pool for Mayer to burn out more energy.  So we got to the town and went up to a Quality Inn to see if there were any rooms available. Unfortunately, the hotel was booked and we thought if we didn’t find anything there we would drive to the next town only 11 miles away. Thankful for Miss Maggie at this point. She is our GPS who directed us to some Bed and Breakfast that Triple AAA recommended. We drove around the area checking out a location before calling to see if anything was available.  It was 6 PM at this point.  We were hungry and wanted to get to a hotel and then go have dinner. So the 1st one we called was called Hoquiam Castle.  They did have rooms available, so we journeyed on over and were in awe that the place was not booked.  Not only were they not booked but we were the only guests……hmmmm.  This could be a creepy scenario but turned out to be an AWESOME experience for our first  B&B.
Their website is
if you would like to take a virtual tour.
I kept wondering if we were going to have an encounter with any lost souls.  Staying in a place that was built in 1897 had to have some form of night time entertainment.

We checked into this old lady and then we left in search of a restaurant. We came across an old Brothel  that is now Billy’s Restaurant.  Billy was an outlaw, and my outlaw of a husband decided to try some YAK for dinner. I took a bite and it was really good.  We then went back to the hotel for a game of Crazy 8’s and off to bed to rest up for the next day.

So we are off to the place where the movie The Goonies was filmed. Along the way we stopped in Astoria, OR (another town the movie was filmed) and Seaside, OR for a break.  Then off to our final destination of relaxation… Cannon Beach, OR.

  Our friend Suzanne Spray told us of this wonderful resort in Cannon Beach, OR called SurfSand resort.  Their website is  This place was so nice and right on the waterfront. I called on a Friday morning taking my chance that there might be a cancellation over the weekend.  They had 2 rooms available for 1 night. This is a place you come to stay for at least a week, but we were grateful to just get one night.  If you ever want a getaway to visit Cannon Beach, OR. we highly recommend staying here. So, for $10 less you can have the smaller room with a better view of Haystack Rock or the bigger room without a view.  So we chose the smaller room with the better view.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach OR

The patio view from our room

Thank you again Suzi Spray for the recommendation.
After a few hours of playing in the sand we headed back to the room to rinse off the sand and go to dinner.  The resort does offer a bonfire in the evening with smores. Mayer got sand in his eyes and was tired from the day. We headed off to dinner at the Lumberyard and played another round of Crazy 8’s while we waited for our table.

The next day we started off with a swim in the pool and then off to breakfast at the Wayfarer.

We spent a few hours on the beach before we headed home.  It was so peaceful and watching people enjoy this natural wonder was so energizing.

We highly recommend a trip from Twilight to Goonies. The scenery is breathtaking. Thank you Lord for an amazing time! You opened up all the doors for a spontaneous trip. We see a glimpse of your beauty through what you’ve created. We had a great 3 day getaway and celebrated dad’s homecoming with some smores of our own at home Goonie Style.

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