Survivor Island

20160515_130928Having an endorphin rush feels so fabulous! You know that feeling where you can conquer any obstacle or hurdle? That feeling comes and goes for me and it’s not like that every day in my world. Sometimes the small things wear me out. Last weekend we decided to hike Mt. Lam Lam. I said to my husband after we were finished hiking, “Lets go to that beach with those cool looking rocks. I am feeling super motivated and not ready to go back home.” Well, my son was worn out and asked if he could stay behind.20160515_130752
So we let him. As my husband and I were enjoying survivor island taking silly photos the phone rang. Guess who it was? Our son. I told him on the phone that he was missing out. I mean no sharks or crazy monitor lizards entertained us. It was just Mom and Dad acting like we were contestants on Survivor. Yeah, he was glad he decided to stay home….Ha There are these rocks located between Tanguissen Beach and a hike towards Sharks Cove on the island of Guam. The beach where these really cool rocks reside, is called Hilaan Beach.20160515_125950
Click here if you’re curious about them and are looking for directions on how to get to them.20160515_131423
20160515_133349We have less than two weeks left on this island. Two years here has really flown by. I have things I wish I would have done differently but you know those are the areas in which you learn and grow. I can say I feel like I made the most of my time on this island. Although, I never learned to scuba dive. After encountering several sharks without me being submerged in the deep blue sea, I was turned off to learning how to go below the surface. I’ve seen so many incredible creatures while living here and one I won’t be missing is the big fat banana spider that lives everywhere here, including in one of these rocks. Nature rules!! Welcome to Survivor Island!20160515_133227

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