While driving through Spain we saw one gigantic nest after another. They weren’t situated in trees but in utility towers. After we passed the first one, my husband asked, “Do you want me to turn around so you can get a picture?” I said, “No I am tired of picture taking.” I really didn’t want to do anything but sit in the car and nest myself.
Little did we know they would be scattered throughout the highway all the way through Spain and into Portugal as well. Seeing them made me want to wake up and spring to life. We had ample opportunities to get some photos.

I had gone into nesting mode once we hit Spain. Unfortunately, Barcelona and Madrid were the places that my husband had booked the most time for us to explore. By the time we hit the Spanish border, a mother load of events had unraveled, and I just wanted to get to our next duty station before anything catastrophic could take place. Driving across Europe sounds so dreamy and adventurous and it is. But packing up and moving from one country to another, the process of ending the school year with my son, having Realtors constantly coming and going out of my home, cleaning the villa up,  doing the overseas screening bit again, going through the emotional whirlwind of saying good-bye to our Italian family, {that took us in and treated us as their own family while in Naples} banking information stolen while on the road, and accidentally leaving all jewelry and bathroom products behind were just a few sticks that I used in building up my mental nest from being worn down before we even hit the road.

Have you ever looked up, what are the top 10 most stressful life events?
According to
MOVING ranks #1 on this site.
We’ve done it a lot over the course of our life but this time I see that moving our nest is a blessing in disguise. God had us in Italy for a reason and David and I think we know why. Besides the authentic experience we received, God gave me something that I hope to share with the world one day. It takes time to build something of substance. Like a crane builds a strong nest to house her mystery egg, God is building something inside me that I can’t see but am working out with my fingertips.
May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us-yes establish the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

So, when we made it to Spain my monthly friend was visiting. Thank you Cruiser for showing up and giving some justification to why my hormones were all whacked out. My body had shut down from stress and before arriving in Spain I got a migraine the size of Texas. Nothing but laying my head on a pillow was going to help. I swear I felt that Satan himself had taken up residence inside of me.
I oozed demonic-like behavior.

I told my husband that he and Mayer could go explore and do whatever they would like. I don’t want to ruin their time with my negative attitude. I don’t want to make bad memories of this place. Spain will now be our neighbor since Portugal is connected and the list of things my husband had planned for us would only be viewed in a way that is condescending since I was not able to think straight.

Here are just a few of the sites and GPS coordinates that he had planned for us to see in the 2 days:
Agbar Tower-41.403306, 2.189369 (North on Carrer e Badajo)
La Rambla-41.376068, 2.177567
Placa Reial-41.379912,2.175062
La Sagrada Familia-41.403205,2.173614
Casa Batllo-41.391926,2.165208
Santa Maria del Mar-41.383474,2.181698
Gaudi’s Parc Güell-41.413381,2.153084 (Valcarca) (Alfons X)
Magic fountain of Barcelona and Palau Nacional Hostafrancs-41.371688,2.151346
Parc de la Ciutadella-41.389189,2.183683
We can come back and I can do this list with you guys. My husband will generally poke and prod me until I give in but my head couldn’t take it. David respected my wishes and the boys headed out for a walk to
Parc de la Ciutadella.

I napped for a few hours and they returned with dinner from a local restaurant. All I remember is the sardines in vinegar were so good. The zangy-tangy combo of salt, fish and vinegar was nice. The croche came nowhere close to croche we ate in Naples, Italy and then I needed to lay my head back down. The next day I was still feeling cruddy but well enough to take a brief walk. David really wanted me to see Parc de la Ciutadella. So I fought the giant raging inside and joined my boys in looking at a few mammoth sites before lunch.

I apologize that the photo nest doesn’t have many eggs in it. We are currently putting together a list of places that we want to explore for the next two years. Barcelona will be a “take two” kind of trip {thanks to me and my grumblings}.

By the time we hit the road out of Barcelona and towards Madrid my irritable egg had fully hatched. Maybe a few down days of rest is what I needed. After we crossed the Greenwich Meridian.

My attitude was starting to be buried below the feathers I had shed. I was praying that the Lord help me with a better outlook and attitude. My nest needed to be stronger, more positive and less negative. I needed to stop focusing on loss and instead focus on what God is building ahead for us. Sometimes you just want to stay in a nest where it feels safe. Where its warm and cozy.

Why do feathers have to be ruffled?

We as humans can only handle so much and we have to shed to grow.

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