Mr. Ed meets Baa Baa

Wrapping up Ireland is going to be a task. I am thinking maybe it was a good idea that we were only there for four days. I can’t imagine the amount of photos and thoughts that would have passed through my squishy but hard head. When I see a photo, multiple things come to mind.
At some point I will get to the last day of our journey after all the mental detours.
Driving from one side of the country to the other it is hard not to notice all the wild life that
roam freely. No barbwire or cages but maybe an occasional rock wall to keep them enclosed and safe. While you drive down the skinniest roads, with rare roadway markings, you just pray that you won’t take a sheep and turn him into a Baa Baa Black Sheep. They roam as free as the greenery that makes up this country.
As we traveled, exploring this luscious place, we made multiple stops just to stretch, breath and feed our eyes.  We chatted with a local who lived in England. She said, “You can walk down the street in England and never get a hello but in Ireland it is impossible.” She decided to move home to Ireland and opened up her own boutique in Cong after living in England for 35 years.
So I will gallop away for now and work on some other mental notes. I hope you enjoy Mr. Ed and our dodging the Baa Baa, the boys enjoyed a bounce on the bogs before we continued our travels along this friendly coast.

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