Moving On Up

20160515_095210I seriously have no interest in hiking in the jungle. Putting on pants or socks that ride all the way up to my knees and covering my arms in a long sleeve shirt, so the sword grass doesn’t slice up my arms and legs, isn’t the way I want to spend my day to get my calorie burn on.20160515_103926
I mean it’s already hot on the island of Guam. The last thing I want to do, as the scorching sun beats down on me, is to go on a hike where you want to take off clothes, not put them on. I don’t want to mist on mosquito repellent, on top of my layer of sunscreen. I don’t want to dodge banana spiders or carry a machete to whip sword grass out of my way. It’s just not my thing. We are like 11° from the equator. It’s sweaty!20160515_100002
Now don’t get me wrong, moving on up is great! I love to hike. I love weather appropriate hiking. Hiking where I put on a jacket to stay warm as we climb a hill or a mountain works well with me. If it is hot outside, I like to wear shorts where the wind can get to my stinky bits.20160515_111143
Needless to say, hiking on the island of Guam and in the jungle, is not my cup of tea. If you’re an all around weather kind of hiker, your eyes will be treated with unbelievable views once you get to the top or the bottom of many sites here on this beautiful island. Now, I’ve done “A” waterfall hike while living here on the island. I hiked to Tarza, Falls with my boys. It was easy. Way too easy…20150607_13064420150607_13100920150607_132157
Oh and I hiked to Priest Pools too, so two waterfalls I guess. Priest Pools is AMAZING! You have to hike just a bit to get there and sitting in the cool refreshing water made my,”I don’t want to hike here” feelings go away…..20140921_134723
Those were great hikes! I didn’t have to put on my winter wardrobe to protect myself.20140921_135950
I also didn’t have to put on a lot of clothes to hike to Marbo Caves. Oh this place is a delight. You can swim in this crystal clear water inside of a cave. REFRESHING….20150525_132217
Now my boys, they’ve hiked to numerous places around the island. I’ve done two hikes through the jungle one hike in Talofofo with them but it didn’t last long.20151003_124942
The other hike was to Haputo Beach. It was a beautiful hike and am so glad I did do it.  IMG_20150119_141540IMG_20150118_165706IMG_20150118_170656
Before we went to bed this past Saturday, I told my husband, “I can’t leave here without hiking  Mt. Lam Lam. I will seriously regret it.” I mean for the last few weeks we’ve been waking up before the rooster crows. The sun shines right through the windows, unlike our rooms in our old home where we kept the typhoon shutters closed so we could sleep in a room that resembled a bat cave. We moved out of military housing and into an apartment on the beach a little over a month ago. So our little two bedroom apartment is like living in a tanning bed. The sun tells us to, “WAKE UP NOW not later, I SAID GET UP”….20160415_100603
Since, it takes 60 days for our house hold goods to get from the island of Guam to California,  we thought, let’s ship our stuff and move on up to an apartment, and live on the beach for the duration of our time on the island of Guam. Since we were wide awake and the best time to do any kind of activity is in the morning, we went hiking. We climbed two mountians, Mt. Lam Lam and Mt. Jumullong Manglo. That is our family selfie below on top of Mt. Lam Lam. Most of the photos in this blog come from Mt. Jumullong Manglo. I will tell you, it is easier to hike a mountain vs. getting a family photo in my home. Crazy but true living in this selfie world.20160515_104846
People, including myself, often get these two mountains confused. You can see the crosses on the 2nd highest peak call Mt. Jumullong Manglo from the road.20160515_095118
 Mt. Lam Lam, the highest peak on Guam has a geodetic triangulation or geocode at the top of it.20160515_10495320160515_104325
 It took roughly two and half hours for us to explore both mountains. That is because my ID fell out of my little satchel, I was carrying my phone in on the way up. My son and husband went back down to get it for me. I offered to go back down with them to get it but my husband said, “I want to finish the hike today!” He had no confidence in my moving on up speed. So I hiked half the mountain in peace.20160515_093641
There was no complaining or arguing. That was until my boys rejoined me at the top of Mt. Jumullong Manglo.20160515_100407
My poor son, had to endure his Poppa and his go-go-go mentality. Husband, I love you but you can be a bit abrasive and hardcore. He expects a lot out of his little mini me. He kind of expects a lot out of everybody. I guess that is okay???? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?20160515_100722
We all got through it but I will tell you, I enjoyed my hike in peace. Thank you husband and son for going to find my ID, I said, “Don’t worry, it will be there when we go back down. If not I can get another one.” I don’t think he heard me because he flew down the mountain to go find it. I think my husband secretly enjoyed the extra bit of cardio down and back up the mountain. My son said his dad owes him, a Gatorade!20160515_100812
I will tell you the views from the top of these two peaks are UNBELIEVABLY beautiful! Here you can see Cocos Island and Cetti Bay.20160515_095354
I have one more hike I want to do before moving off the island of Guam. It’s called Spanish Steps and hiking it isn’t hard from what I understand. It is just closed sometimes due to the movement of the military. Hopefully I’ll continue moving on up as we prepare to move on out. Coming up next, my survivor inspired blog.

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