London Bridges

In one week my son will be on Christmas break and I have not wrapped up the blogs from Thanksgiving Break on our trip to London. I can’t believe Christmas programs are already here and the New Year is right on our heels. I am feeling like singing London Bridges falling down on that note. I am so excited to have Mayer home for two weeks-family time without alarm clocks, homework and an agenda, (for the most part).

David made it back from a week long business trip to Belgium-once I get finished writing about England, I will share some photos from his evening stroll, through the town of Mons. Mons is where SHAPE, (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) is located. We have some exciting things planned during Christmas break; I can’t wait to share with you what bridge we will be crossing over next.

In this blog, are photos from our last day in England. The London Bridge, The Tower of London, and Trafalgar Square are just a few sites that we wanted to view before heading back to Italy. We did the Riverside walk [East], on the Thames Path that took us to these sites.

Before we hopped on a double decker bus, we took a moment to view Dead Man’s Hole.

After we took a little bus ride, we hopped off at a stop close to the Wellington restaurant where we noshed on; sausage and mash, sheperd’s pie and a bit of fish and chips, (photos of food to come). We then hoofed it up the road to check out the Somerset House and The Royal Courts of Justice, located in the City of Westminster.

It was time to turn around and burn off that hearty lunch we ingested so we walked down to Trafalgar Square and back to the hotel for a mini repose. We wanted to rest before viewing the Christmas Market at Hyde Park and the lights, where Harrods’s is located. So before crossing the bridge back to rest our weary heads I share with you Trafalgar Square. If you didn’t know where the 2012 Olympics are going to call home, you will now by just visiting this very popular square.

London will not let you forget who is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics; even down to the last second. Can you see the countdown clock behind the fountain?
This week I will finally wrap up our time that was spent in the UK, almost three weeks ago.
Today I finally make it back over Tower Bridge before the London Bridge inside me comes falling down.
Food is on my mind, it’s almost tea time.


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