We were all a little grumpy this morning, due to our close living quarters.  It is nice to take a shower or a bathroom break, you can shut the door and have a little privacy. The hotel life has become really sour. Hopefully this lemon will get squeezed soon so we can enjoy  lemonade. Our car should hopefully be arriving soon from the states, in the mean time we have really been blessed on the weekends with some very kind souls.
We headed out early with Jane our tour guide, which is wise if you are traveling down towards the Almafi Coast.  The traffic on the way back was insane for the ones who were headed that way in the afternoon.  We strolled along this engaging town, imagining what it will look like in the summer.
The locals, along with the tourists, crowd the streets and beaches during the summer season.
They remove the wooden boards, that establish the boardwalk, up
after Labor Day. Jane said, that people lay everywhere, including the boardwalk in the summertime.
Shopping, shopping and more shopping…..
Homemade Limoncello is a favorite amongst Italians. They also have other flavors; chocolate, orange, melon, strawberry, hazelnut, cream and coffee. Most shops offer free samples before you buy.
Be prepared for a warm welcome of samplings.
Thankfully David and I shared from the same cup, or we would have probably stumbled through the day.
Our favorite was the limoncello, melon and the coffee.
It is amazing what you can do with a store here in Italy.
They’re bite sized little boutiques filled with goodies. As we walked down this alleyway of shops, lemons were being turned into lemonade.
We walked along and passed multiple churches that were open for anyone to come in and pray.
Jane informed us that almost all the churches are free for entry while in Italy, all but the Vatican.
There are a few that charge but most are free to visit and you can take pictures.
I continue to be in awe of how Italians operate in life.
They are very traditional, genuine, and pleasant people.
While eating at Syrenuse Bar Ristorante, located in Piazza Tasso, in Sorrento you are immersed
in the culture.  Locals enjoy an afternoon caffe, cocktail and items from the menu, you can’t help but see the peace in them. They sit and savor the flavor of their town. They engage in conversation with one another, as they stroll along the alleyway. They are linked together as they gather in front of a corner Tabacchi store. Personal space seems to not exist but it is okay.
You can see it in the way they travel, space is limited but yet there is so much room.

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