Hey Batman

Life in Gotham City is moving right along!
It was a nice two week fishing trip to the pond in the backyard. The house is unpacked and set up, the herb garden planted, 2 books read, and summer camp for my little guy has been a success in the daytime. He has made friends and welcomed them into our home for his first Portuguese sleepover.

 The picture of Batman is from an evening when he flew through the kitchen window while we were cleaning up dinner. We screamed, ducked, laughed and paused as he parked his Batmobile on top of our kitchen cabinets. My husband climbed up on the counter top to take a look. Batman disclosed his secret identity. The Batmobile had purged him out exposing the truth, he’s a real life bat! David paused long enough to take a deep look at this creature of the night. I got my wits together fast enough to say, “Wait let me get the camera!!!” It seemed like eternity as I grabbed the camera from the drawer, put it on some random setting and passed it on to my husband who is clenching the broom between his legs.
Riddle me this Batman….
Why were you not frightened?
Batman refueled his engine and must have felt the Bat Signal summoning him back to the “real” Gotham City. Thanks Robin for being a good friend and assisting Batman out the way he came!
{The old school Portuguese home we live in has no screens we also have no Air Conditioning. You don’t need it the weather is warm in the day and cool at night. We just need to remember to shut the shutters so we don’t waste Batman’s time.}


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