Hang Loose

DSC_8299What do we want to do with only a few weekends left in Portugal? Well, for us, this past weekend we just wanted to hang loose.DSC_8319
We are headed south to Setúbal on Friday to stay in an old windmill and watch dolphins swim in the sea. Then Saturday we will head to the most southern part of mainland Portugal and spend time in the Algarve. Now my husband unfortunately has to drive three hours from the Algarve to Rota, Spain to deal with stuff for work, so my son and I will hang loose while he wraps up the last bits before moving to Guam in a few weeks.DSC_8280
So did we get to hang loose this past weekend? Kind of. Sometimes you just don’t feel like leaving the house. You want to stay in your pj’s and watch junk food television and let your child be plugged into the video game world without feeling guilty.DSC_8307
Well, since our life has been jammed packed with so many explorations these last few years we pushed the guilt aside and hung out at home on Sunday. But on Saturday we headed to Praia da Cresmina.DSC_8317
Praia da Cresmina is about five minutes from where we are living.DSC_8306
We went there to watch dogs surf. Yes, that’s right surfing dogs!!!DSC_8294
The wind was a little intense and the sand was beating the skin like we were getting a microdermabrasion treatment. As you can tell from the sand below it gets a little windy along the western beaches in Portugal.DSC_8315
Needless to say we didn’t stay too long to watch all the underdogs.DSC_8309
But we did see a few who surfed it up. Do you want to hang loose with the dogs?DSC_8310
Check out Pipa the surfing dog to see when the canines will be hitting the beaches in Portugal next. Thank you Sandy Crandall for passing along the doggy dog news! Surfs Up!DSC_8277

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