Gotta Wear Shades

IMG_20140927_160433I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by while living on the island of Guam. I am going to attempt to catch up on two years worth of living here on the island, in my blogging world. I wonder what I can write out  in a span of two months? I know there will be new adventures after I wrap up work behind the chair, on April the 1st. We will be shipping our household goods here shortly to Monterey, CA. So guess what I am going to do???IMG_20150115_144235
I am going to do more exploring. With others? On my own? I seem to run into a lot of random things when I am by myself. From a man selling squid and octopus on the side of the road,20140821_145933
to black tip reef sharks swimming up on my legs,20141017_095320
I never know what I am going to run into. Seriously, one morning, before work I saw two, big, black tip reef sharks feeding on Dadi Beach.PhotoGrid_1449094913843
I am ready to see more of that. But only from the shore. I will also be okay with not being attacked by a Trigger Fish, again, while snorkeling.IMG_20150304_175414
The monitor lizard that I’ve ran into countless times here on the island never gets old. A local that I follow on Instagram told me that it is a sign of good luck! IMG_20150114_115612
A random run in with a pig, never gets old either. 20141116_140526
Oh and running into sea turtles, I see them on my morning walk frequently as they are feeding in the ocean.DSC_2801
Carabao, oh those carabao…20140819_135935
You’ll be driving around and boom there’s one on the side of the road or at Fort Soledad.20140823_151112
When you live on an island you always see crabs. Some are a lot larger than others. It’s common to hear the coconut crab clicking along on the sidewalk. I’ve ran into one before far away from home but of course I didn’t have my phone camera or camera to take a photo of it. It was so far away from the ocean and hilarious. IMG_20150213_135545
You will find big crabs hiding in holes.IMG_20141025_183830
Or walking along the beach.IMG_20150210_175846
Shortly after we arrived on the island of Guam we met John Santos, aka, The Carabao Man.20140927_155259
He walked along Marine Corp Highway with his carabao Lucy and his dogs that wore sunglasses. His goal was to bring a smile to one’s face! He got three smiles from us that day.20140927_155609
We thankfully had a chance to chat with John before his passing. Click here for more on him. He was a very kind soul.IMG_20141016_100147
In the next few months I will finally be updating this blog on things I find interesting on Guam. The blog is seriously in need of updating. I have one funny fur girl, who was once a boonie dog, that I need to write about. She’s not pictured with this pack of boonie dogs we found one Sunday afternoon. Because she’s now our little Honey!20140914_165045
We’ve had lots of fun experiences here on Guam and experienced some rough times as well. That’s life, right?
Oh I almost forgot about the recent run in with an active brown tree snake.20160302_203210
I have been so busy with working other avenues in life I have not updated much here and am reminding myself that it’s time. I gotta wear shades!IMG_20140927_160433

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