"Go Ahead"

“Hold on a second Mayer, I want to get a photo before
you get into the sea,” I said. “Oh never mind, go ahead!”
Welcome to our first trip to an Italian beach. This one is 10 minutes from
our home here in Italy. If you live here and are looking to go to the
beach this summer, you have many places to choose from on
how you will spend your day.
Now going to the beach here in Southern Italy is just a little different than
visiting a beach back in the states. We have found that if you want a clean
beach and safe parking then you’re generally going to have to pay for the
services that keep the beach up.
Yesterday as we drove past several different places, with a variety of prices, we
decided to go with LIDO VARCA D’ORO.

Generally when you visit a beach here, your entrance
fee will include, parking, 2 chairs, restrooms and an umbrella.
For prices and location visit their website.
Summer is here, so go ahead and let it all hang out!
Why not? Who cares?
Want gelati or feel like wearing a speedo?

“Go Ahead”
Feel like rolling in sand or making a mud wrap?

“Go Ahead”
That’s what summer is about, letting yourself be free!

Who cares who sees you in your birthday suit?
That’s the way God made you right?
We are the only creatures on Earth who worry about
what to wear, how much to cover up or does this make me look
fat?? I guess, not everyone.
Witnessing the ones in Europe who just don’t care
makes me think, why have I ever cared???
In fact, if you are wearing more than a two piece you are the odd one.
Every shape and size is in a two piece here, it’s awesome!

Want to pack into a beach like sardines?
“Go Ahead”
There is something about the sun and water
that makes you throw off your inhibitions.

If you feel like shopping while sitting.
“Go Ahead”
Need a dress?
Or a cell phone cover?
How about some earrings or a float for the kids?
If window shopping from your lounge chair becomes too much
don’t worry, there is rescue on its way.
The business folk trying to make a sell, seem to get up only so far, through
 the sea of lounge chairs.
About the 2nd row in and it sounded like the life guard was blowing his whistle
hustling the salesmen back down
When you feel like being free and need to be rescued from the sea,
go to the beach and just be carefree.

Welcome to Europe and our first visit to an Italian beach this summer.

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