Gilligan’s Island

I had the best Mother’s Day Weekend ever! Not only was the Island of Ischia get away amazing, I came home to a bedazzled home. I’m not one for diamonds or pearls but sparkling
floors without dirt from the outside farm, no dishes in the sink and a house picked up after the boys had a a boy weekend, PRICELESS! My house isn’t this clean on a regular basis so I know my boys put some elbow grease into it to have it shining like it was on Sunday night when I returned.
Thank you, thank you, thank you husband for the best gift ever, 2nd to our son Mayer.
Also another thanks is in order for Angela, the woman who never takes a break, I don’t
think the boys missed me cooking for them over the weekend. How could they when you
have an Italian woman making you homemade food for two days? I tried to tell her she needs a break away but I don’t think her boys would survive without her. This blog is for the mom’s who can never take time away. Sit right back and enjoy this tale, I will try not to make it a
three hour tour.
Meet my new friends Mary Ann and Kenisha they are two of the ten
women who made this trip so much fun!
After a bus ride from the support site to downtown Napoli we boarded
the ferry and then took a taxi to our hotel, Clarion Hotel Hermitage and Park Terme.
A link to their website below…
When you book a single room that is what you get a single room
with a single bed.
Really how much room do you need, when it is just you in a bed?
As you step out onto the patio you view one of the two pools on your left, the farming
going on below, straight ahead is our house that is somewhere next to Carney Park,
 and the Aragonese Castle on your right.
When talking to Mayer that evening I asked him,
“Can you see me waving at you?”
When we arrived our rooms were still being cleaned, so we left our luggage with the front desk and walked into town  for some shopping and lunch before the shops closed up between 2-4. We had to be back by three so we could go on our three hour tour.
As my taste buds were enjoying the prosciutto and melon,
 my eyes were getting a treat of their own.
The flowers that surrounded us were gorgeous.
Have you ever had your color processed outside under the dryer?
Now this is a great concept, with this view why not?
I wonder if they charge extra to sit outside?
A delivery of fresh veggies to a local restaurant.
We made it back to the hotel for a tour of the island.
Aldo, our tour guide, told us he prefers the Island of Ischia over the Island of Capri. Aldo is from Naples and has thourghly explored the region. If you have a short amount of time in Italy for holiday, he suggests Ischia over Capri. We hope to take a day trip to the Blue Groto on the Island of Capri at some point. I will let you know when we do.
Let’s get on with some of my favorites from this three hour tour.
Weighing the fruit
The restaurant made out of a rock.
 It’s amazing that in a country, where the Roman Empire gave the okay to crucify Jesus,
they now have an endless amount of churches to pray and worship.
I have to many photos and I am trying my best not to make this
trip a stay on Gilligans Island, so I will do my best to wrap up day one and
move on to the next two.
Dinner is served…
The thought of sleeping until 8 A.M. was a pipe dream.
I was up at 5:30 A.M.
I really didn’t want to see the sun come up.
It was an accident and a great way to start off the day.
After breakfast we boarded the taxi and went to the other side of the island
to the Negombo Thermal Park. People come from all over the world
to experience the healing affects from the thermal water that are pumped into numerous
pools throughout the island. The pools are filled with sea water and fresh water
and are heated by the volcanic action in the area.
The Negombo Thermal Park is located close to the town of Lacco Ameno,
 on San Montano Bay.
There are two major gardens/thermal parks on the island, The Poseidon Garderns
and Negombo Thermal Park. The rates to enter the park for an all day visit to Negombo
is 30 euro for adults and 18 euro for children.
We were dropped off at 9 A.M. to enjoy the twenty-eight pools, including a turkish steam bath,
the beach, the sea and other ammenities that the park offered until 6 P.M.
Below is a link to the parks website.
Negombo is a true island paradise.
Kenisha, Mary Ann and I explored the park hopping from one pool to another.
My spa experience was after the ladies, so I went back to the place
that was my favorite after exploring the park. It was a bit of hike
back to seclusion but the view of the scenery was worth it.
This is where I lounged before the massage and facial.
The view itself was calming and therapeutic.
Well all good things seem to come to an end.
I think this is how the Lord intended for all of us to live,
naked in the Garden of Eden with all of our needs being met.
This is as close to Eden as it will get.
Man, Eve why did you have to eat that apple???
Back to reality???
For some of us……..
Meet the Ferrari club they were passing by
as we were waiting for the ferry back to our
Happy Mother’s Day!

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