Do you like contests? I do. Even if you don’t need the prize from the contest, you can always find someone in your life who might enjoy a random gift. Living life is cool like that. We explore a lot. When we do, I try to find things that are relevant in a positive way to the country, city, or state that we explore and share it with you. I also enjoy promoting small businesses and my favorite hair and skin care products. So the best way to do that is to have a contest. We’ve had a few contests here and more are to come in the future. Visit Facebook under and “like” the page. Cheers to having fun in life and not knowing what each day will bring!

Edited on December 7, 2018 for the “Deck Your Wall” contest: Congratulations to Vonnie Toya, Shanna Engling, Sandy Kochera, and Tara Sims.

The “Deck Your Wall” contest on Facebook.
Three people will be drawn on December 7th for some of my favorite hair & skin products. First drawing will be for three bottles of custom made essential oils from Vital Roots. They are used for the body, hair, a bath, or as a perfume. The winner will also receive a bottle of Mountain holiday spritzer from Vital Roots. The second person drawn will receive a system from Olaplex. The Number 3-4-5. These products are fabulous and can be used for all hair types. The final drawing will be for a 32 oz. bag of New Wash along with a reusable container. I’ve used New Wash for a few years now and still love how it transforms the hair. Bonus drawing for a 60 minute massage from Massage by Alysia. Must live on Guam to win the bonus prize.

To enter to win one of these giveaways, like or love the photo. For an extra entry, tell me in the comment section, what you would ask Santa Claus if you could sit on his lap? Winners will be drawn on December 7th.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

The “New You” contest winners will be drawn on March 18th, 25th and April 1st… Congratulations to Kimberli Owen Arnold, your name was drawn for the 18th bottle of New Wash. Congratulations Tracey Williams Hutsell, winner of the 25th bottle of New Wash. The final “New You” contest winner is Jessica Lyn Barnum! Congratulations ladies! .
April 1st leaves three weeks left to work from behind the chair here on the island of Guam… To help in washing away the mental burden of moving and starting over again, I will be celebrating what new adventures will come of our transition from island life to stateside life, by giving away three 8 oz. bottles of New Wash. New Wash is chemical and detergent free. One bottle, each Friday, for the next three weeks, will find a new head of hair to transform. How do you enter to win a bottle of New Wash for the March 18th, 25th and April 1st drawing? Share or like random “New You” contest photos on Facebook/gibsonchop. If you can’t wait and want a bottle shop now at tell them Emily Gibson is your stylist referral. 20160213_111734
The “Rise and Shine” contest…..
Congratulations to Sarah Bazley Campbell, the winner of the “Rise and Shine” contest.
The items in this contest come from Bali, Indonesia and Hong Kong. We went on an expect, the unexpected, adventure in December. While exploring we picked up three bags of the most expensive coffee in the world called, Kopi Luwak, a book of photographs from Bali and some chopsticks for you! This contest was suppose to be posted in January but work got the best of me. So today, I “Rise and Shine” and share with you what one winner will win on February 17th. How can you enter to win? Like the “Rise and Shine” contest photo posted on FB each day. That’s all you have to do! See you soon….
Congratulations Darlene Sanchez Harris! Winner of the “Stuff Your Stocking” contest!
Ho! Ho! Ho! The “Stuff Your Stocking” contest is kind of a mystery. From Beauty Society products to Pureology, there’s a little mixture of all kinds of different things hidden inside. To enter to win this mystery stocking, “like” or “share” the “Stuff Your Stocking” contest photos, on Facebook under gibsonchop. Winner for this contest will be announced on December 17th! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! DSC_3765
Congratulations Jenni Thompson, you’re the winner of the Hafa Adai contest!
The Hafa Adai contest is made up of items you can enjoy with family and friends. From coffee to salt and pepper shakers, there’s a little something that can be shared with others. Hafa Adai, means “hello” in Chamorro and Chamorro is the native language of Guam and the islands of the Northern Marianas. We’ve lived on the island of Guam for a year and half now, and thought it was about time we had a contest to say hello from here. This contest begins on November 19th. How do you play to win? Share this page and in the comments, write shared. I will post three photos from the island of Guam on on Facebook. “Like” the photo on Facebook to be entered to win these munchies. Winner will be drawn and announced on November 25th! Hafa Adai from Guam!
Congratulations Christie Hardy, Brooke Albee-Smith and Debbie Wallis you all will receive a complimentary copy of The Chopped Gem. Thank you to all who entered this contest by sharing the Facebook page called, The Chopped Gem. Copies are still available on! DSC_3542
Congratulations to Erica Rachel Reed! Winner of the “Seoul Searching” basket of fun.
Over Spring Break 2015, we ventured into South Korea. It inspired the “Seoul Searching” contest which is made up of all items made in South Korea. With summer on its way, many folks get the motor running and head out into the great unknown. A few of these items hopefully will come in handy for the winner. First up, we have a selfie stick-everyone needs a selfie stick, right? Second, we have a travel bear. While riding on a plane, train or in an automobile, you may have a wee one that needs something to cuddle with. Third, is a mask. After our exploration into South Korea and exploring by plane, fast speed train, metro, taxi and by foot, we now know why many Asians, wear these masks. Two out of three family members came down with a hellacious cold. This mask could come in handy for you or your itty-bitty kiddie! Need something to carry any foreign currency, baby wipes, hand sanitizer or chap stick in? Here are two options for you, a medium and a small bag. Both are filled with ginger candies. Maybe your sweet tooth is kicking in while you’re searching for your final destination. A box of chocolates will hopefully kill that sweet tooth. Last but not least is a bottle of hand cream to refresh weary hands, and a product to exfoliate your nose pores, after a dingy day of travel. The winner for the “Seoul Searching” contest will be drawn on Friday, May 15th. How do you play? It’s a photo contest game, located on Facebook, under gibsonchop that will get you entered to win! Cheers to “Seoul Searching”!
Congratulations to Betsy Harris! You’re the winner of the “Design Your Scape” contest!
Many people start off each year with a resolution to redesign their bodies, their minds or their lives. Nature and different geographical landscapes has inspired the “Design Your Scape” contest. The way the earth gets redesigned from season to season, naturally is so beautiful. The way we as humans build structures on land, design our lives, our flesh and hair canvas is vastly unique. This contest includes products created by an elegant and luxurious Italian hair styling and body care line, called No Inhibition. Pictured above are fifteen products to ring in 2015. Curl Definer, Styling Gel, Smoothing Milk, Volumizing and Styling Foam, Sticky Paste, Smoothing Cream, Volumizing Hairspray, Sea Salt Spray, Fluid Gloss, Defining and Shining Wax, Glaze, Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner with organic Maracuja oil, Sunset in Rome moisturizing shower gel and 12 Wonders Leave In Treatment. These products can assist the winner with designing their scape in 2015! How do you enter to win these sophisticated styling aids? Share anything on this website and comment below each time you share. Or you can like the “Design Your Scape” contest photo on Facebook that I will post periodically starting on Tuesday February 17th. I’ll draw a winner on Friday, March the 6th. Cheers to how we design our scape!
Congratulations to Emily Key winner of the “G’day Mate” contest with items from Australia.
The “G’day Mate” contest is inspired by our adventure into Australia. We explored a new country and continent in November and to kick off this holiday season we’re giving away a few little treats from down under that we enjoyed. Coffee, olive oil, Vegemite, a didgeridoo, a book on the Great Barrier Reef, some Australian animal cookie cutters, a book on wildlife in Australia, a bottle opener, chai tea from the Daintree Rainforest and a little crocodile egg that has a mini surprise inside. {The Vegemite, is something that was not a hit in our home, but part of our adventure and want you to give it a try. Let us know what YOU think.} To enter this contest, “like” or “leave a comment” on the photos I’ll post on Facebook and Instagram starting on Thursday December 4th. If you don’t “like” the photo, leave a “cheeky” comment. Winner will be drawn and announced on 12-13-14. G’day mate!
Congratulations to Cori DaSilva winner of the “I’ll Fly Away” contest.
The “I’ll Fly Away” contest is inspired by all the places my family has traveled to live or explore over the years. The winner will only know where and what they will explore. We just ask you come and share some photos of your I’ll fly away getaway, a driveaway or staycation with us.
Congratulations to Danitza Mask, winner of the“Magic Carpet Ride”contest.
The “Magic Carpet Ride” contest is all about riding the highway of life into the unknown zone. In this contest you’re playing to win; a Moroccan pouf from Morocco, a tea set from Morocco, two sets of teas from Spain, a book full of recipes on favorite Spanish tapas and a container from Cordoba, Spain that is used to hold olive oil. Winner for this prize will be drawn on May 22nd.
Congratulations to Rachel Chase, winner of the “Be Blessed” contest!
The “Be Blessed” contest starts on March 17th and the winner for these items from Blessed Buttons will be drawn on April the 1st. How do you win this prize? Like or share the photo called “Be Blessed”on Facebook under gibsonchop to be entered to win. Winner will receive a custom designed apron, two coffee cozies, Easter napkins, a chapstick/lipstick holder, a beach bag, sun glass/eye glass holder, a light spring/summer scarf and cosmetic bag. 1481997_797026246993256_1033337325_n
Congratulations to Candi Potts, winner of the Great Expectations contest!
The “Great Expectations” contest is all about going for the gold in 2014! The Russian Matryoshka doll is one of the official Olympic souvenirs of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It’s also greatly significant in a project I’ve been working on for the last three years. A project that will become a product in 2014. This contest is for three sets of Matryoshka dolls that we picked up in Eastern Europe. Along with these three dolls you’ll also win, three hidden surprise gifts from Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic not pictured in the photo. They’re hidden within these nesting dolls.Cheers to the 2014 Winter Olympics and to Great Expectations for your life! 1533625_760104084018806_83033835_n
Congratulations Patti Merritt you’re the winner of the “Tis the Season” contest.
The “Tis the Season” contest is for a 13 piece set from Depósito da Marinha Grande, original glassware from Portugal. During the month of December we celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, in our home.This set in our home, represents the 12 disciples and Jesus Christ during the Last Supper. We lift our glass and toast to him, for HE is the reason for the season! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and remember the gift that keeps on giving, Christ!
glass contest
The winner of the “Give Thanks” contest is Sharon Strobel Kenney. Congratulations Sharon you won four of my favorite ceramic pieces from Fabrica Bordallo Pinheiro located in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal. A company that was established in 1884.
Congratulations Brandee Hudson, you’re the winner of the “It’s Greek to Me” contest!
The “It’s Greek to Me” basket consists of: Greek olive oil, honey, spices for lamb, feta cheese and tzatziki, olive oil soap, a hand painted ceramic bowl created by a local artist in Athens, a handmade magnet, a hand made cat carved out of volcanic rock from the island of Santorini, bookmarks, a shot glass for ouzo, a Grecian after dinner digestive drink….
Congratulations to Denise Delima winner of the four Ethiopian inspired necklaces, created by Tara Boggs with Anchor Of Love! You can find Tara’s work at Anchor of Love or purchase these beaded necklaces and earrings at Shop for Beads of Hope.
Congratulations to Landra Gonzalez, you’re the winner of the Baltic Sea Adventure! It consists of items we picked up in Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Russia. 1278325_684739951555220_1128370125_n
Congratulations to Brittany Raposa! You’re the winner of the Two Lovers by Patricia Furtado.
For more of Patricia’s work you can find her at or on Facebook under patriciafurtado FB Cheers to No Mundane Mondays~
Congratulations Brenda Guadalupe Catano, you’re the winner of the Spa Day Giveaway!
****Spa Day Giveaway***** with one of my favorite Portuguese therapists Paula Furtado!!! The winner will be treated with her skills in her studio or in the comfort of your own home……What if you don’t live in Portugal? You can still play. If you’re the winner just drive, bike, train, sail or fly to my home in Cascais!!!! Paula will come to my home to service you!!! Drawing for this contest will be on Friday the 14th…. Winner may choose from one of the following treatments: ~Relaxing full Body massage & Body scrub ~Relaxing full Body massage & Mini Facial ~Relaxing full Body massage & Deluxe Pedicure ~Bamboo full Body massage ~Nourishing Facial & body scrub
Congratulations Lisa Gellner Crawford, winner of our 1st Portuguese contest!!! 945841_456704514416410_810862850_n
Congratulations to Angie Syring Monroe, you’re the winner of the Netherlands basket!
Congratulations to Melissa Maxey, winner of the basket from Italy, Spain, France and Andorra!
Congratulations to Michelle Huff, winner of the Italian contest! ita-contest
Congratulations Stephanie Franco, winner of the France goodies! fra-contest
Congratulations to Sarah Huff, winner of products from Hungary! hun_contest
Congratulations to Maggie Ducker, winner of the German basket! ger_contest
Congratulations to Ann Bevelle, winner of the Belgium and Paris basket! fra-ble_contest
Congratulations to Jeff Sitzman, winner of the “Made in America” products!
These products come from two small businesses, l.c. of acirema located in Arvada Colorado. You can find Lori Roop’s products for sale on etsy at Shop l.c. of acirema and jams by Cottage Jams located in Poulsbo, Washington. Cottage Jams can be found on Facebook under Cottage Jams
us_contest Congratulations to Cashonda Barron, the winner of the €100 Christmas giveaway!

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