Down Under

DSC_2104I was amused when we came across an American girl working behind the bar in Kuranda, Australia. I laughed inside, as she said the only reason she came to Australia was because of the movie Crocodile Dundee.IMG_20141128_143356
She had been working in Australia for seven months and was saving money to move to Bali to work and explore. She informed us on how easy it is to get a VISA, to live and work in Australia. As she talked, I was smiling because the movie Crocodile Dundee, starring Paul Hogan, was one of the reasons why I wanted to make a visit into the Outback. 20141129_151829
A story of wonder and adaptation, a place where two of the main characters visit places outside their comfort zones, appealed to me at a tiny age. It’s funny, how what you put out in this life, of what you want to happen, can happen. Nothing is impossible.IMG_20141127_203727
I am a bit behind with posting photos of our trip down under, but better late than never, right? Australia is a huge continent. We only enjoyed a little, bitty, morsel of her. We spent a week during Thanksgiving break in Queensland. We live in Guam, in the present time, and to get to Australia you hop on a plane and arrive 4 and ½ hours later in the city of Cairns. Before we move out of the South Pacific we hope to visit at least one more time and journey into Sydney. That is if we can find a stellar deal on airfare. When we lived in Europe we could travel everywhere and didn’t throw ourselves into debt. We thought moving and living in Guam, that traveling in the eastern world would be the same. Hahahaha! Think again. To get off the island and fly into exotic destinations you might as well sell an organ on the black market to pay for your tickets. There are some places like visiting Japan, Seoul Korea and Shanghai that will allow you to keep your organs to explore. It just feels like you have to spend a bundle to get off the rock. The tickets to fly into Cairns, Australia were $500 a piece. That was more than we wanted to spend but were told we got a good deal. Now for a family of three that isn’t bad, but if a tribe makes up your family that might pinch the budget. We will continue to do research and chat with other explorers to find the best deals so we can keep venturing into foreign countries. Once again we rely on We found an amazing deal and spent our week at Seapoint on Trinity Beach while exploring life down under.
Today, I list my top five things to do in North Queensland.DSC_2211
Number one: Sit in the city of Cairns and watch the fruit bats fly above you, once the sun is ready to set.DSC_2303
Number two: Take the sky rail over the Kuranda Jungle and watch white cockatoos fly overhead.DSC_2468
Number three: Zipline through the Daintree Rainforest.IMG_20141126_185023
Number four: Take a helicopter out over the Great Barrier Reef.DSC_1865
Then snorkel in it.DSCF0070
Number five: Drive out to the Atherton Tablelands and waterfall hop.IMG_20141201_195614
You’ll see all kinds of random wildlife on your way.DSC_1343
From Wallabies, horses, kangaroos and cows… DSC_1637
to termite mounds,DSC_1325
there are little surprises around every corner.DSC_1572
Holding Koalas,IMG_20141125_152956
and feeding Crocodiles are optional,IMG_20141125_151910
and things we did do, along with a list of things that don’t break the bank…….DSC_2147
Ahhh, Australia. The exploration was more than I thought it would be. Cheerio mates and if you have any questions or want suggestions on a morsel of an adventure, send me an e-mail at DSC_2110
Many of my photos from our time in Australia along with random photos from Guam, can be found on Instagram under @gibson_chop that is where I do my photo thing these days! Stay, tuned for the “Design Your Scape” contest, where some of my favorite Italian hair/body care products will be up for grabs! Will post here and on Facebook in the month of February 2015.
G’day Mate!IMG_20141201_194510

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