Carousel Ride

IMG_20150628_232454Round and round the Earth spins. The days go by and time disappears, never to be lived again. We are leaving Guam six months early and we’ll be moving to Monterey, California in June. Why? My husband is going to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. Expect the unexpected seems to be the way we live our life. The last two years have flown by here in Guam. What a carousel ride we have been on going, round and round and round. I am wrapping up my time behind the chair on April the 1st here on the island of Guam. Appointment times have all been filled for the month of March, unless I get a cancellation. I am currently playing catch up in my blogging world when I have a spare moment.20150624_121603
I started this blog back in September. Seriously that sounds crazy. Before moving to Guam I blogged all the time about stuff but life behind the chair has had my hands busy in hair vs. behind the screen. Last summer my son and I took a trip back to the United States for an extended amount of time. Ten weeks!!! I mean we were away a bit living in Italy and Portugal for four years, so we had a lot of catching up to do with the folks we miss and love. We didn’t get to see everyone, that money tree ran out and stopped growing.20150629_121833
We flew from the island of Guam and headed to North America in June. As we spun in circles riding on a carousel that contained planes, ferries and cars, flying and driving from one part of the country to the other, I realized how addicted I was to traveling. I now consider myself a Travel Junkie.20150628_143506
I seriously need a fix every now and then. Island fever, should be a real diagnosis. I will say that I’ve self diagnosed myself with it. Because I was healed of it upon my return to Guam; I was a new woman, a better wife, mother, hairdresser and friend.  There is only one thing that can help a Travel Junkie and that is to leave and have an IV hooked up to the body that is filled with adventures, that then, become memories.20150619_212219
This blog will highlight a few special spinning moments of our trip to the Pacific Northwest. I am breaking up my time stateside summer trip into a few blogs. There is just too much to put into one. Besides sharing my antidote that cures island fever, I hope it will give you a few ideas for your next get away.20150621_205628
The counties that are located across the sound from Seattle are some of my favorite. With a view of the Olympic Mountains and a warm cup of coffee, how can a day start off wrong? We found an awesome deal in the town of Poulsbo, through airbnb that gave us this view every morning for a week. It is located on the Hood Canal.20150617_120832
With a beach at your heels, crabs, rocks and water this location was a perfect amusement park for my son and I.20150621_164052
After a full day of playing and catching up with our friends,20150619_165817
my son and I got all cozy with a blanket and enjoyed a sunset behind this gorgeous mountain range. Yes, you need a blanket in the PNW sometimes at night. It gets chilly.20150621_211417
Are you into picking fresh strawberries?20150620_133812
How about cutting your own lavender?20150620_131916
If you drive over to the Olympic Peninsula you will find a town called Sequim. There is a place called Graysmarsh Farm that offers you the ability to pick and cut as much as you want.20150620_135737
Smores, who doesn’t love smores and reconnecting with friends over the summer break.20150616_203331
We did both and took in a movie with friends we’ve known as a family for almost ten years. We joined the Huntley gang at the drive in for a movie under the stars. Located in Port Townsend is the Wheel-In Motor Movie Drive In.20150619_194313
So I have to give my friend Samantha Huntley, a mother of three, a little plug for her booming business. She is a team leader with Origami Owl and would love to help you customize a one of a kind piece of jewelry. A little reminder of your summer time memories tucked away in a locket…Check her out on Facebook if you’re into a memory locket. She designed one that fits my lifestyle perfectly.20150619_211419
As my carousel, goes round and round, I won’t go into too much detail about our most precious moments. You know, all the lunches and dinners with friends. 20150618_132703
Before we leave this part of Washington state and head east to the Tri-Cities, where fruit and wine are in abundance, we will stop off in the historic downtown part of Poulsbo. It is located on Liberty Bay. It is filled with coffee shops, eclectic restaurants and antique shops. My girlfriend, Mandy has a booth where she offers cute decorating items for sale. It is located at the Red Plantation Marketplace in downtown Poulsbo. Mandy also introduced me to Beauty Society products and got this girl hooked. You can shop here if you’re interested in a cruelty free skin care line. Thank you Mandy!10561748_10208804527419950_8475414154394765947_n
Are you into Vikings? Once a year the town of Poulsbo, holds a festival and a parade called, Viking Fest.20150619_112234
Before we leave Poulsbo and drive over to Bainbridge Island, catch the ferry to Seattle, and drive to eastern Washington we picked up some reading material at Liberty Bay Books and grabbed a sweet snack at Sluys’ Bakery.20150619_111458
You gotta have road trip food and what a perfect sugary treat to feed your sweet tooth. It will keep you hyped up and focused on your travel plans as you go from Seattle and drive out to the Yakima Valley. 20150625_171616
When we lived in the Pacific Northwest I wrote a few blogs of our time there and posted them on this website. They are in the archives. I think in the year 2010. We spent a few days in the Tri-Cities area with our friend Liz and her son George. Boy do I miss my son being an 18 month old and loving chocolate! We got to enjoy George having a good time with it. 20150624_153315
They were breaking away from their life in Cambodia for a month. If you like going to vineyards and tasting wine, make a trip to the Tri-Cities area. It is the perfect place to do just that.  Did I do that? No, I wish. I was lacking a sitter. That’s okay, but for the ones who don’t have to find a sitter I am sure you’ll have a great time! We did take in a classic car show that took place in Kennewick.20150625_175534
Despite the massive heat wave in Washington state, checking out the old cars was pretty cool.20150625_180257
So on this carousel ride we will make a 360° trip and return to Seattle. But before we do that, we’ll drive along the Columbia River and stay in a town called Hood River as we make our way to Portland to visit my cousins Carrie and little June. Carrie runs her own staging company out of Portland, OR called you can find her work also on Instagram @bluejacketstyling. Such a beautiful and talented woman!20150629_122257
While we’re in Portland we’ll devour a scrumptious lunch prepared by Carrie’s chef hubby….He owns and is on Instagram @picklopolis_bingo_sandwich. You can find him in Portland, OR as well. Check out this platter of yummy goodness he made for us on our visit! It was my first time to ever try pickled strawberries. So AMAZING!20150629_122324
  Before we stay in the Northwoods for a few days with my girlfriend Celeste, and her son Jack we had to stop at Mayer State Park. After all how often do you come across a state park that is named after your little one. It was beautiful! 20150626_144713
We did a little waterfall hopping after leaving this part of Oregon. Our favorite was the Multonamah Falls.20150627_135851
We checked out the Bridge of the Gods, that Reese Witherspoon crossed over in the movie Wild, 20150627_122218
and picked up a bag of cherries from a local lady who had her cherries for sale near the bridge. Boy were they yummy!20150627_122320
A few hours at an outdoor carnival, where we stopped and took in more life, was on the agenda for a day!  You could roll around inside these plastic balls on top of the water. It is a brilliant idea for kids who’ve been stuck in a car travelling from place to place. My Mayer, had a great time here.20150627_125359
 There is so much to do in the Pacific Northwest. I am definitely not sharing everything I’d like but if you love to camp, hike, fish, eat really good food and just enjoy the luscious green countryside; plan a vacation to this neck of the woods. Pictured below is Mt. Hood.20150628_135102
We found during our time in OR that there was a horrible drought. You always hear that it rains all the time in Washington and Oregon. Well, rain was not in the forecast on our visit. In fact the White River was so dry that it looked scary driving up into a huge empty parking lot with dozens of port-o-potties and empty parking spaces reserved for tourists.20150628_142638
You could literally walk out and into the riverbed. My girlfriend Celeste asked us if we still wanted to go up to their cabin in the Northwoods for a couple of days before we flew from Seattle to Houston. We were like, heck ya! Well, she informed us they had to drain the lake for the fish hatcheries down below. So there was no boating or fishing. We managed to a do a bit of swimming further down, but this is what it looked like in the summer of 2015. So dry.20150702_075501
Hopefully, it will refill for all the lake goers this next summer. We managed to have a good time with a little hiking and did some day and night driving in my girlfriend’s golf cart around town. Breaking the law, breaking the law!!!20150701_193754
I could keep spinning on this carousel ride but as the conductor, I will stop for now and let it rest in the Pacific Northwest. 20150702_143333

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