Have you ever been bullied?
Have you ever been rejected?
Have you ever rejected someone?
I can say yes to all three of those questions.
The thing is when you witness your child go through rejection or being bullied, the Momma Bear in you wants to rip out of  your body and tear the one doing the rejecting and bullying a part.
Especially when the Momma Bear to the cub doing the bullying, is part of a social problem you didn’t know existed.
I won’t go into detail, that we as women do, about the incident last week.  I will just tell you that God is good in showing you life through the little things. The day after an attack took place on my five year old son we went to the Navy Exchange and I let him purchase this habitat home so he could have a pet lizard. When David returned from work they went outside and chased lizard after lizard without any success at capturing one. Mayer was sad once again, so the next morning after David left for work, Mayer went back to hunting.
After a morning of no success, he came in crying, telling me that they were just too fast. He kept asking us to go to a pet store to buy one but after consulting with our Italian friends we are limited in that arena. There aren’t pet stores lurking on every corner like back in the states. So hunting for a lizard or a snake is the only option. About an hour after Mayer had his little breakdown, he came in the house holding this bird.
Mayer told me he rescued it from Nero’s mouth. The dogs that live on our property are guard dogs. They protect the property from strangers and play with animals outside. The weird thing is they are very submissive to Mayer. Mayer said, “I reached inside Nero’s mouth and rescued the bird.”
He then brought it in to show me where it flew under the chair, behind the computer desk and then he caught it, and he proceeded to put it in his Backyard Safari Outfitters habitat.
I told Mayer we have to let the bird go. He of course was heartbroken, he finally had a pet in his habitat. So I had him call his dad and tell him about what happened. David convinced him that when he got home that we had to let him go and that they would not give up on finding a lizard or a snake.
After a full day of being in the Backyard Safari with some water and sunflower seeds, David returned home and the boys went on a hunt to find a place where the dogs would let him heal and not be bullied.
The bird was set free. The next morning, I opened the doors that lead to our patio from the kitchen. As I was preparing my morning coffee, a bird flew in and sat on our hutch that stores our canned goods. I ran off to get the camera and came back into the kitchen where he still sat. As I went to click the photo he flew off and back outside. It looked just like the bird Mayer caught and sat on that hutch for a little while. Maybe it returned to say thank you.
Rejection is good for us, it helps us grow as people. It may save us from entering into things that we aren’t to be involved in.
Guess what? Mayer found his lizard. His name is Sand-Mouth.
He has now been bullied into a Backyard Outfitter Safari.

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