Blue Lagoon

When traveling abroad I find myself taking photos of everything. I think back to all the years I lived in Oklahoma and Colorado and never took photos of my surroundings. Photography and videography were a part of my life during my teen years but it was always focused on people and not the surroundings. When we moved to Florida in 2004, I told myself not to make the same mistake of taking my surroundings for granted. When making my way through a digital chip I kind of get overwhelmed at all the photos that are captured on this little piece of plastic.
I end up deleting many of them; I blur stuff, get impatient or just never have enough time as a mom and wife when traveling, so I tend to click and click taking on more photos than I need.
One day, when I grow up, I am going to spend some time really learning the ropes of photography.
Until then I will take advice from my professional friends and the internet for tips. The little tidbits that friends have been willing to share have gone a long way. As I continue to build my knowledge and let old habits deteriorate, swimming in a blue lagoon of photos will continue to ensue.
Today I share with you a few that were captured in the Puglia Region.
A few weeks ago, someone posted the following link on Living Abroad in Naples, a facebook page.
I wish I could remember who posted it to give them credit. If I find it I will re-edit this blog to make sure they get some props. We found when we visited the link by National Geographic that we have already been to all of the cities that were listed, all but Lecce. This wraps up our time this year in exploring the heel of the boot.

The hotel pool was gorgeous and with only a weekend in Lecce, we decided it would be more fun to go take a dip in the Adriatic Sea. We gathered our stuff and buried ourselves at a beach that was
less than 5 miles away.

The beach is located in the City of Lecce. We found that this side of the country, in this certain area, was less crowded. We spent several hours here docked and floating in the Adriatic blue.

Again my friends, while living overseas, make the most of your time.
There’re too many blue lagoons that you can spend an afternoon in.
Who knows maybe a photo you take could appear on a postcard one day?

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