Behind the Chair

Goodness gracious has my work space changed over the years. I’ve been working behind the chair since 2001. I opened my first salon called Bellezza Dentro Salon off of Speer Boulevard in downtown Denver. It was a lot of work but so much fun designing and putting it together.
She was a cozy little place. My friend David and I chopped and dyed side by side each day from behind the chair there.
I left my little boutique salon in the hands of my lovely friend David Torres when we made the move from Colorado to Florida. When you pack up and move on to a new place, you meet new people and redesign your salon/writing space.
Here are a few of the beauties I’ve been able to pamper over the years.
Above model Brittany. Had fun taking her blue hair to auburn, then to champagne blonde.
Below before and after a fresh chop/color.
Drama in the hair only zone…
Wear your hair with warm tones or cool tones.
Before and after with three inches chopped off and some icy blonde built in.
Before and after. Highlighted and color glossed.
Before and after. Summer hair to Autumn hair.
Before blonde root retouch then after.
Before fun and after.
Above a chocolate raspberry twist.
Love it when hair guests send me photos of their hair. I often forget to take photos.
Before and After.
A few more beauties who have trusted me with their locks below.
I like to try out new color combinations and techniques before tackling the human head. Mannequin heads are the best.
Photo of this blonde bombshell in my shop.
Then in her element.
This gorgeous gal up above, and down below, has been a hair guest in my chair in Guam and in California. She takes phenomenal photographs. She goes by Tori. Check out her work here. Thank you, Victoria Heer, for trusting me with your hair.
Remember you don’t have to get all crazy and change your whole look if you’re feeling shabby or crabby. Just add a few highlights that shimmer or just whisper throughout your hair. Try an asymmetrical haircut or add a few waves. A little bit can go a long way and ease you into a big change.
A caramel and cinnamon combination of color in the hair is one of my favorites.
IMG_20151015_125632 (2)
Add a peak a boo of blue, pink, teal or get the purple haze.
Maybe you’re not ready to commit to a change in color on your head. Purchase a few inexpensive wigs. Wear them around the house or pop a hat on top of it and sport it around town. It will save you a whole lot of money in the end and damage to the hair if you’re not sure what you want to do but want a change.
Would you like to donate your hair for a good cause? Wigs for Kids is a private non-profit group that specializes in hair replacements for children. To donate your ponytail visit Wigs For
I couldn’t fit all my favorite chops and dyes here. If you’ve sat in my chair over the years, I want to thank you for trusting me with your hair and skin. Many of you have made me laugh, cry and smile. For future clients, I look forward to enhancing your outer beauty from behind the chair. Again to schedule an appointment you can contact me at

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