Hi and welcome to gibsonchop.com. My name is Emily Gibson. I’m a wife, mom, Cosmetologist, nature lover, animal lover, photographer for fun, military spouse, and Author of The Chopped Gem. From life behind the chair, travel photos & experiences from around the globe with my family, gibsonchop is chopped!
I’m originally from Oklahoma and moved to Denver, Colorado in my early twenties. I really enjoy traveling and have visited 49 out of the 50 states with my Texas man. While living in Hawaii my husband and I were blessed with our son Mayer. We’ve explored over 40 countries and have received mail in Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Hawaii, Georgia, Connecticut, Washington state, Italy, Portugal, the island of Guam, California and currently receiving mail again on Guam. My explorations into different regions around the world have inspired this blog. I also need a place for my salon and spa menu, so why not chop it up and put it all here. I’ve been a licensed Cosmetologist working behind the chair since 2002. After I left my business Bellezza Dentro Salon, located in downtown Denver, Colorado, I decided to open up an in home salon so I could work from home and raise my son.
DSC_3732 I also like to pick up small bits while exploring and share them with you. So random contests happen here. Anything from salon and spa products to items from different adventures from around the globe. largest
Thanks for stopping by the chop shop. To make an appointment for a chop, dye or facial waxing, e-mail me @ Emily@gibsonchop.com I’m currently moving from Guam to Maryland as of the Summer of 2019. 10408779_246086442268486_9122010679591632672_n

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