Do you ever just stare off into the yonderzone? I’ve heard that a relaxed mind, is a creative mind. So yonder zoning is good, very good for people who like to create, right? Maybe not. Some artists thrive under turmoil and strife. Too much time yondering off, can delay your execution of art. I started this blog back in June of 2016. It doesn’t encompass my exploring the great state of California the past eleven months. It’s just a blog about re-purposing/enhancing. Moving from the island of Guam to California, in the month of June last year, yonder zoning was limited, but creative juices were flowing. That meant, clean up the drought stricken yard in our cozy cottage in Monterey. Check out my little helper. No yonder zoning here.

When we arrived back on the mainland of the United States, after nearly six years of living in Italy, Portugal and Guam, I went into get settled mode in California. Funny. How in the world do you get settled when your memories linked to your child, photos, and stuff that bedazzles a home, is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean? How do you get settled when you’re driving a rental car? Your paid off car is in a Matson crate and you’re in denial that you have to purchase a new car, and take on a car payment. I hate car payments. But we needed a roomier vehicle and throwing money into a rental car was not ideal. How do you get settled when you’re sleeping on an air mattress and realize that in a few days, you have family arriving to visit?

Our stuff that fills a house and was scheduled to be delivered two weeks before my sister and nephew have a vacation, was seriously delayed. My sister and nephew just so happened to arrive on the day, our household goods were rescheduled to arrive. Glad it arrived then and not the day after. So we helped the movers unload and  knocked out the unpacking before my family visited. I tackled the stress of wanting others to relax, while I was thinking, “Seriously?” I was fueled by so much adrenaline that day. After the essentials were unpacked, I gave our outdoor table a face lift. The photo below, is the before and after photo, of staining our wooden table a calming grey. 

What is one to do when you don’t feel like heading off into the yonderzone? You’re excited for company and filled with anticipation of their arrival. Well, you go shopping. Seriously? Yes. I went shopping. Why? Well, while we were in transition from the island of Guam to our new home, we had to stay in a hotel a few nights. This hotel was changing out all of their head boards, coffee tables, and dining room sets. They had everything on sale! Like an unreal bargain. I wanted to buy so many items and redesign them. Then-sell, sell, sell!!! But I stopped. I knew that our current garage has to be a storage unit. I would have nowhere to store the re-purposed items to sell. We live in a two bedroom one bath home. The yard was all dirt when we moved in but has changed due to all the rain. I call it my secret garden. Wisteria bloomed and has now been over taken by a green monster bush, calla lilies sprout in random places all over, and the pride of Madeira steals the show.

This home fits my small family nicely, but there is not enough room to create and store items to sell at the time. I will fill you in on a few projects that kept my mind and hands occupied before my family arrived last June. I purchased four tables and eight chairs. This MAJOR bargain cost me only $80.

We needed end tables for our sofa. So I went to the thrift store and purchased a book on wine. Two end tables were stripped, sanded and painted. They were covered and decoupaged with photos from inside the wine painting book and covered with glass cut to size. We took off the round tops and made them square to fit as end tables. 

Our grown up furniture is currently in our garage in storage. You know that Portuguese hutch and dining set I got an unreal deal on while living in Portugal, but never talked about it here on my blog??? Well, if you were a hair guest in my home in Guam, you saw it. Or if you came and fetched your kids after a play date. Or if you had a dinner party at my home, you know what I am talking about. It’s in our garage/storage unit, all wrapped up until we relocate at the end of the year. I have a dream that it will occupy my bed and breakfast one day. One can yonderzone and dream, right?

Back to my bargain. These four chairs fit our sofa table, that  has currently been turned back into our dining room table. The sofa table/dining room table was painted and distressed over a decade ago. It fits perfectly in our cozy and cute little tree house home. Four chairs were stripped and painted turquoise one afternoon. 

If we have guests that smoke, they have a backyard coffee and smoking table, that is located away from our home, on a ledge, where visitors can feel welcome and at home. Or if they want to be immersed with the hummingbirds…

It’s also a perfect place for yonder zoning. Oh and it will be left behind when we move again. Unless you want it…Coming soon, FREE table and chairs. It no longer looks like the photo below. Let me tell you this, it is really weathered, thanks to all the rain we got in California this past winter and spring.

I found this map at the local thrift store of Israel. I cut it up and pasted it in the middle of the table. I then found a few maps at target and a book at the thrift store about the world being flat. You know how my family loves to travel, so yeah, it fits. Cut, paste, and decoupage…. It’s where I started out sitting admiring the yard, writing, and yonder zoning. It’s now being used in our sun room as the weekend video game table. I share…

I will finish with my favorite summer project last year! SERIOUSLY, the year has flown! It’s a project that kept my husband, son, and myself busy while the husband was on leave, and while we waited for our household goods to arrive. Our kiddo needed somewhere to sleep, for twenty days, since our stuff was on a ship in the ocean. We went shopping and decided that a trundle bed would work out great for his small bedroom. Unfortunately, when we lived in Portugal a few kiddos broke the bunk beds we had while they were over for a sleep over. I mean monkeys like to jump and they did a good job jumping. Wrecked that bed set having a good ol’ time. So while we were living in Guam we gave our son the guest bedroom bed. I mean no one wanted to drop their savings, or take out a 2nd mortgage, to come to an island far, far away…

Guam is beautiful…We told friends and family to save their money and go somewhere that the plane ride wasn’t so bad. Since the guest bedroom was my salon, my son got a queen size bed. He never had sleepovers in Guam. I mean we lived in a neighborhood where the kids were connected from sun up to sun down. We thought they needed a break from one another to sleep and a queen size bed helped with no sleepovers. So we purchased this trundle since not having sleepovers are a thing of the past. Isn’t it nice? 

Well, it is nice that it sleeps two, but BORING! We like color in our home and decided to decoupage this bed with comics! We ordered a slew of comic books off of Amazon for $9. Cut and paste. Cut and paste. Ta-da! In helping with the transition of leaving all of my son’s friends on an island, and in other countries, we told him he could pick out his bedding. He said, “London! May I please have bedding from London?” The boy has seen a lot in his little life and London seems to be his favorite city. We obliged. It’s not from London but you know what I mean? The kid left America when he was four, oh wait, four days after he turned five. As a third world culture kid, he has experienced a lot, but he has also given up so much. So, yes Mayer, you can have the bedding that will help remind you of your favorite place. 

I would love to keep giving furniture a face lift but I had to stop, well for now. I take this product called THRIVE by Le-Vel that has kicked me out of the yonder zoning the past few months though. I want to fix up furniture all the time. It rocks. I want to sit and knock out the sequel to The Chopped Gem, but I find other things that keep my hands and mind occupied. This yonder zoning house sure seems like a perfect place, to sit and write out my head. I hope this blog has inspired you to find a bargain and create something fun this summer, for you, or for someone else. Did I tell you we will be moving our household goods, enrolling our kiddo in a new school system, finding new doctors, dentists, friends and doing this whole process over again, in seven months? Maybe I should yonderzone… Glad I’ve got the gift of THRIVE! More on that life changing product in a later blog…It won’t be another year before I sit down and share.


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