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DSC_7067From a new bed to glassware, this girl has been channeling her inner Junk Gypsy the last few weeks. Speaking of Junk Gypsy, I absolutely LOVE the girls and family on that show. Talk about a gifted family. It’s a family affair and if one doesn’t have the skill to fulfill an idea they know who to go to, to get the job done, when it comes to reusing and re-purposing an item. These girls are highly skilled and you can tell their parents taught them how to be self-sufficient. I love their routine of how they meet with the person who wants a room redone. After the consultation they go to a favorite local hot spot in various locations, to share some grub and knock out their vision with pen and paper. I have our DVR set to record them daily on the Fine Living Network. Thirty minutes before my son is off the bus and back at home I take a break from writing, and watch a pre-recorded episode of these amazingly gifted girls. They inspire me. Today, I am giving thanks to people who inspire and how, “We Be Junkin” here in Portugal.DSC_7072
A few weeks ago, my girlfriend from Xenon International came and visited. She has a two year old son who made the trek across the pond. I have to say Celeste you rock to travel solo with a two year old. She flew from Portland to Denver, Denver to Newark and then Newark to Lisbon with her little guy Jack. She did it, despite the naysayers telling her she was CRAZY. She beat that adjective and accomplished the travel extravaganza. She’s inspiration for mothers of young kids who want to travel but????? You can travel alone with kids and survive!DSC_6651
If you’re a person who hasn’t traveled across the Atlantic with wee ones, my advice is to slow down-accept the time difference-and just be. Let the day happen. Celeste you did an amazing job and I had so much fun with you and Jack. I love you guys! If you’re the person on the other end who has all kinds of plans for visitors; remember, jet lag is not the same for adults as for the little guys. My girlfriend was so laid back and meeting her child’s needs was her top priority. It actually seemed like vacation for me. After I got my boys off to work and school in the morning, I did something I rarely ever do. I slipped back in between my sheets and enjoyed the cozy bed. Listening for the sound of little feet and warm voices to get moving was my 2nd alarm.DSC_6794
Before Celeste arrived my son and I were excited. He was preparing our rabbit Hipster, telling her all about the visitors that were coming. He couldn’t wait for them to get here. DSC_6630
Hipster wasn’t so excited at first when we made the decision for her to be free in our yard; we decided after our  friends left to put her out in our gated yard. She was hopping the 70 cm baby gate back into our home after they departed and my son went back to school. And for the last week it has been pretty fun watching her clear the gate at our front door. She’s come around to being outside and seems to be happier now that she has more freedom.DSC_7013
My son burnt out his “can’t wait” till they get here energy-by snorkeling in the bath tub and riding his bike, some things he could do for hours. Now, when I get excited, I get antsy and have to put my energy somewhere. I should put it into the elliptical trainer to tighten the flabby flab but most the time when I’m not writing or behind the chair, my energy is put into re-purposing, re-arranging furniture or buying a piece to re-paint. I have to keep my hands busy! I am so thankful for 2nd hand pieces, because they are so versatile to junk up. I had some black candle holders downstairs in the basement with some leftover paint I had bought and used for my last junkin piece.DSC_6573
So I decided to give these candle holders a new look while I awaited my girlfriends arrival.DSC_7077
They compliment the welcome space that was created a few weeks back. Items that will eventually go into salon number three for me once we move out of Portugal. My junkin pieces have to be versatile since we move so much. I am not re-touching on that today but moving forward as I reminisce about things I am thankful for. One, thankful for friends who come and visit and the time I am able to spend with them because of my flexible schedule. Celeste and I went to Cosmetology school together ages ago and we tend to enjoy many of the same things in life.image
Hair, travel and roasted chestnuts are to name a few. We enjoyed a bag while we were visiting Cabo da Roca, the most western point in Europe one afternoon.DSC_6809
Now Celeste is surrounded by views that are just as spectacular as Cabo da Roca. Her home in Oregon has a view of Mt. Hood. She remodeled her kitchen and bathroom and they both are so vintage and so great!!! It is beyond dreamy and I am so thankful I was able to see her re-modeling before we moved overseas. Knowing that she appreciates, the beauty in decorating at a low cost, I knew she would love Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics. One afternoon, while she was visiting we headed up to Óbidos and Caldas da Rainha. In Caldas da Rainha you will find the factory store for Bordallo pieces. Here is their link to what they sell and how to get to the factory. Bordallo Pinheiro. photo 5
I’ve been there a few times and wanted her to have some pieces that you pay half the price you would in the retail store. The above pieces are some that she scored a great junkin deal on. While we were there, my “we be junkin” mind set was in full effect. Now Bordallo pieces are not junk pieces. These pieces have a markup value that can pinch the pocket book in retail stores. But when you live in a place where the factory is only an hour away, you visit when someone needs something or you feel like finding junkin pieces. While Celeste was picking out some amazing pieces, I found you, my reader a few items. The Bordallo Pinheiro contest aka “Giving Thanks” contest will be taking place in  November, so stay tuned.
Oh and that blue glassware you see. It is Portuguese. It’s also going to be up for grabs in an upcoming contest on Facebook. I was junkin again, the other day and found an amazing deal with a local Portuguese lady. After my purchase with her, I then made a visit to Depósito da Marinha Grande where I picked up some other junkin pieces to complete what I’d bought. It is all just stuff, stuff that enhances the dining experience but fun colorful stuff. Here is the address in Lisbon where I found these pieces. Address: Rua São Bento 159 1º-D, 1200-817 Lisbon, Portugal Phone:+351 21 395 5818. DSC_7097
That leaves me today with my constant need to put my hands to use. I do have to say, I’ve been writing like crazy, after my girlfriend left. That is a good thing, since November is National Novel Writing Month. Last but not least on my, “we be junkin” blog is the new but old bedroom furniture that we purchased. Of course I go junkin for a headboard, for our guest room, two days after my girlfriend leaves. I updated the bed side tables with a yellow color, I used a dry brush technique on them. I am in need of lamps for the bed side tables but will work with what I have for now.DSC_7099
I paid €25 for this headboard. The color was perfect but needed some distressing, so I pulled out my trusty sander and roughed up the headboard a bit. I don’t like things looking brand new.DSC_6926
Now, our bed has not had a headboard in three or four years. My husband and I were going to get some wood, foam and fabric and make our own but other things have occupied our time and it hasn’t happened. Once upon a time we had a sleigh bed. It was brown and fit the decor I was going for, the sleigh bed thing back in 1999.DSC00055
In 2007, I grew tired of her so I re-painted her white before we moved from Athens, Georgia to Poulsbo, Washington.IMG_2733
It worked for me until 2009 but there was just something missing in the design. Maybe a few more accent pillows were needed. I don’t know but it just didn’t fit anymore. I ended up selling the piece to a bed and breakfast on Bainbridge Island called, www.bainbridgebeachcottage.com and since then haven’t been able to find the right junkin piece. That was until last week……IMG_2732
Oh, the chandelier is ours too. It’s been re-junked up a bit. It’s in a crate right now until we move again. We generally move our lighting in and out of homes. We wrap the owner’s pieces that don’t fit our decor away and put our pieces up while living in someone else’s house. Then when it is time to check out we put their stuff back up. Our little lights make a place that is not ours, ours, for a little bit……Overseas in Europe, well, we have lived with what it is. The travel has kept me distracted from re-purposing or redoing stuff the last few years. Can’t wait to get my chandy girls back up in the salon and bedroom. We found them from a past junkin find. We purchased three chandeliers under $150!!!!the_salon
The no headboard thing worked just fine until last week. When low and behold the most Gothic and Baroque piece of furniture caught my eye.DSC_7066
I love drama, NOT in my life but in pieces of furniture and hair design. Last night we picked her up in Lisbon from a fella that had to move out of his apartment on the 1st. My lamps that I bought while living in Hawaii seven years ago match the night stands. Of course the day we had to pick up these Gothic pieces was on All Hallow’s Eve. The night brought on unwanted drama in our life while we were picking up this Portuguese furniture. Furniture that has been handed down from the oldies, but goodies, that have lived before us….Let’s put it this way, this bed has a few stories to tell that are above junkin. I will just keep them in my bedroom for now.  I do need more Junk Gypsy glam and filler pieces. But today I feel my junkin is complete, although I really would love to add more gypsy to into my decor. If you’re a junker and wanna do some junkin send me an e-mail. I love to channel my inner Junk Gypsy and would love to help you score off the wall finds. Thank you Junk Gypsies for inspiring and days when you find fun junkin pieces. You never know what will inspire you and what you’ll find when you’re roaming as a Junk Gypsy.

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