Our car has arrived two days before we move!

Thank you Lord for all the answered prayers.
As of Friday February 25th, I will be unplugged for a bit.
We are not going to have internet for awhile and that is okay!
We were told 10 days, but in Italy that could mean 20 days.
We always hope for the best!
We are officially moving out of the Navy Lodge Friday morning,
our HHG’s, (household goods) will be delivered on that day as well.
I will update whenever we get plugged back in!
We took our first drive to the villa last night in our car.
At some point I will record a video and post it on a blog, so you can see
the way Neapolitans drive. The words “organzied chaos” is how I
can best describe it at this point.
Mayer had a great time, exploring and playing with the three pup like dogs.
He couldn’t believe they just sat at the bottom of the
steps and won’t come in the house. Angela has trained them well.
He was not happy about leaving to come back to the hotel.
Last night as I stood in the kitchen, I looked out the
doors that lead to our view of the island of Ischia and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The house seemed different from when we first viewed it.
It’s a great place for David to relax when he gets off from work, plenty of room
for Mayer to be a boy, and a perfect place to write.
I can’t believe we are living here!
We had a coffee with Angela after she gave us a tour of her home.
We met our American neighbor who is renting her other property,
(David “uno” and David “due” now live in her properties).
It was fun having conversation with Angela, she speaks ZERO English.
Facial expressions, hand gestures, and attempting to put the language together
to communicate, will hopefully help us survive in the town, until our Italian gets better.
Mayer has picked up phrases, numbers, days of the week, and colors pretty fast.
Keep us in your prayers as we make the move off of little America
and into the wild world of the real Italian culture.

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