To the Rescue

DSC_1896Yesterday afternoon when my son returned from school we headed to the Guincho shoreline that is located only a few minutes from our home here in Portugal. We went out there to catch a glimpse of Winter Storm Hercules. According to the Surf Channel, this storm was going to be larger than the Perfect Storm.
We along with many others were crowding the western coastline from Guincho to Cascais trying to capture Mother Nature and her fury. We were in awe of the power that was coming out of the ocean. The photos I took don’t even come close to conveying the magnitude of what was truly happening.DSC_1841
Today I thought I would go back out and see if the waves were still brewing. The ocean had calmed down but the aftermath that Hercules left behind destroyed several beach bars along the shore.DSC_1888
As I am taking photos of the debris left behind today, I receive a phone call from my husband. It was a phone call that was music to my ears. All I could think about was rescued, they’re rescued! It took my mind back to the day when we were hoping that a rescue of photos could be saved from a digital disk. Two weeks ago we went on Christmas vacation. We visited four countries during that time: Austria, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. On our last day in Austria, my son and I were needing a break. Mayer and I felt like we’d been capsized by waves. DSC_1842
We were cold and ready to head back to the hotel to unwind and relax from the time we had spent exploring the Natural History Museum and meandering around sipping hot chocolate and mulled wine at all the Christmas markets. We rested on a bench and waited for my husband to return from taking photos of Belvedere palace. When he returned we thought he was done, but he explained the digital disk in our camera shut down and was no longer being recognized. You couldn’t scroll through and see any photos. It just stopped working. It froze and so did I as I thought we just lost so many precious moments that money can’t buy.
So my husband removed the disk from our son’s camera and inserted it into our camera. He then headed back over to the palace. I could clearly see his shutterbug inside was annoyed. When we returned to the hotel, the disk was not recognized in any of our devices meaning that we still could not access any of the stored photos. We had feared we had lost all the photos from our time in Austria. That morning before we headed out for the day, I had backed up all the previous photos we’d taken from Prague onto our external hard drive. Something told me to take the photos from Austria off the disk but I didn’t listen to my internal voice. I thought, tonight when we return to the hotel I’ll remove them and put them in their proper folder. But I didn’t. And the waves of regret came crashing all around.
Sometimes we as humans don’t listen to our 6th sense and need someone to come to our rescue.  Our hero was Leopold at who saved our photos that could have been washed out to sea for good. The phone call that brought music to my ears today was one in which 303 photos of our time in Austria were recovered thanks to Recoverfab
When we were flying out of Prague on January 2nd we found the Česká pošta (Post Office) in the airport and sent our disk to this company that is located in Germany. In less than a week they recovered our photos; our precious gems! I can’t thank them enough. Not only did they save the day, their professionalism and communication with you is superb. They e-mailed us when they received the digital disk and when they were completed with saving the files.  They will give you access to log in on their website where you can then interact and they will upload a small portion of your photos so that you can see for yourself that they saved the day.  Leopold with represents the best in customer service, on top of rescuing our valuables.
Do you have a photo disk that is sitting somewhere hidden in a drawer, locked in a safety deposit box and have hope that there will one day be someone who can rescue a disk that shuts down, freezes up and appears to be broken with your precious moments locked inside? I have a solution for you. That 20th wedding anniversary, birth of your child or a trip of a lifetime doesn’t have to be lost. If you still have a disk that needs saving or you find yourself in a similar position we were in; contact  Recoverfab they come to the rescue! Future postings and photos of our time in Eastern Europe coming soon, thanks to We hope that the business owners along the shores here in Europe can recover what they lost during Winter Storm Hercules. Praying that their businesses, in which many spend their time in the summer months, making memories, are restored.DSC_1874

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