Taking Reservations

The above picture is from our patio of the extinct volcano that is now home to Carney Park. It’s an amazing site. I am really looking forward to taking Mayer to the pool there this summer. Who’s ready to join us? We’ve been wanting to share photos of our place and surroundings with you but I haven’t been able to upload pictures. The connection with our key thing has been slow. We still don’t have internet at the house so I will head up to the support site once a week and stop by the library to blog. Welcome to the villa we’ve been blessed to live in during our stay here in Italy.
That’s my husband climbing onto the porch to go and get the key. Thankfully we left the patio doors open before we spent the evening outside.
Unfortunately, when you shut the front door to the house,
there is no way back in without a key. We left the key on the
the table and shut the door that day.
Smart that I’m showing you how to climb up to our home huh???
No door knobs or handles on the outside only a key hole.
There is plenty of room for the boys to play some Calcio, (Italian soccer) and Mayer to ride
his bicicletta, (bicycle).
We purchased a 2nd car, it’s parked behind the Mini. Can you believe it smaller than the Hamster?
It’s a perfect Naples Beater, goes forever on gas, and didn’t cost much. We have fortunately adapted to driving in this crazy town. I fear it will be hard to shake the bad habits we’ve already picked up when we move back to the states.
Welcome inside our casa, you have a view of the fireplace and sitting area as you enter. To the right of the sitting area is a door that goes out to a patio. You can sit and lounge and enjoy the chirping birds as you take in this beautiful country.
As you enter the house, the kitchen is on your right, as you walk out onto the patio you will see the extinct volcano, the Island of Ischia and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Come enjoy some coffee or wine, read a good book and let your soul unwind.
Did I mention we are 5 miles from the beach?
As we make our way back into the house you will pass the movie viewing area on your left and head down the hallway that leads to a bathroom, Mayer’s bedroom, and the salon/ dressing room. Homes in Italy don’t come with closets, so we have four wardrobes that the housing department loans to all service members who need them while on tour. We decided instead of putting them in each room, to put all four in one room and make it a dressing room/salon and spa. All of the rooms at the back of the home overlook the orchards in the backyard. Enjoy an afternoon of pampering with a beautiful view.
 We now are headed down the hall through our bedroom, to the patio that we use to hang our laundry on.  Since we have moved here I have used the dryer one time. Obviously it saves on electricity to hang your clothes out to dry. When you visit Italy you will see that all the people who live here do it this way. You wash in the morning and let them hang out all day to dry. Even in the winter…. Italians don’t seem to own dryers. We have certain hours a day that are less expensive to do laundry. We choose to do our laundry this way so that we aren’t surprised by an over the top electric bill. It seems to take longer to do the laundry but it works.
Before we go back inside and out the front door, say hi to Marrone, Bianco and Nero. Those are the names our landlord gave them, (it comes from the color of their fur). They are very friendly with everyone they know. If you are a stranger and don’t frequent the property, they will chase you right off the land. They gang up and make a fierce trio when danger is present. We fell in love with them instantly! They understand only Italian commands, if you head out for a walk, telling them to get down or come here for a treat, requires Italian language skills. These help – “scendere” and “vai la casa”. So make sure you brush up on some basic Italian commands before you get here.
We head back into the master bedroom, take notice of this beautiful stained glass. It is on all the doors of the bathrooms and bedrooms. Be careful not to slam the door, especially if you send an upset kiddo to his room.
As we head back through the casa and out the master bedroom, there is a bathroom/laundry room on your right. We have “little sinks” as Mayer would call them in both bathrooms. You can wash your hands in there or your feet after a nice afternoon of making mud forts with your army men. You know the “real” way to use them my friends.
Alright, I will walk you out, before you leave take another look at the sea and imagine the beautiful sunsets you will view while on vacation.
Don’t forget to take a whiff of the blooming peach blossoms and cherry blossoms as you step off the porch.
When are you coming to enjoy a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade or orange juice from one of the trees in our yard?
We would love to have friends and family visit so we can share this amazing experience with you. For those of you who can’t make it out I hope you enjoyed our virtual tour. Just remember we are currently taking reservations and hope to see you soon!

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