Sip and Go

733878_440710422682486_1316688325_nLike Champagne comes from France, Port wine is produced only in the Douro Valley region of Portugal and was named after the 2nd largest city in Portugal, Porto.544500_440710292682499_892149905_n
We made a journey to Porto in April of 2013.532337_440709106015951_259177715_n
Before our taste buds were treated to the sweetness of aged port and the Francesinha-{a sandwich made of ham, beef, sausage and cheese that is puddled within a warm tomato-beer sauce},67942_440710012682527_1407614288_n
we tackled some sight-seeing.18682_440709659349229_663978323_n
 From a stroll through Liberdade Square,156822_440709402682588_400682331_n
and over to the Porto Cathedral,533920_440709612682567_39508946_n
our eyes were greeted with budding trees that complimented a city that dates back to the 4th Century.8549_440709459349249_1676182256_n
A cruise on the Douro River,534887_440710402682488_73723032_n
a ride on the cable car,10027_440710482682480_892351338_n
or viewing this town by trolley546102_440709506015911_909326216_n
are all great ways to rest the soles of your feet before another round of port tasting and sites.536151_440709879349207_491973888_n
I continue to make my way through lost explorations on this website. We have less than a month remaining here in Portugal. So many places to see and not enough time to say what I need or want to say about living or exploring this European continent.540692_440709309349264_459295543_n
Just photos from behind the lens as we sip and go along our way today.537180_440710212682507_1658661600_n

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