Sidewalk Ends

1011297_476584699095058_1024946503_nWhere the sidewalk ends and the road begins….George Strait was playing in my head as we glide on asphalt into a place where GPS signals ping off the satellite orbiting space guiding our way into a place we’re not afraid to go.  988657_476583649095163_1439787336_n
George Strait, you’re always welcome in my headland. Today, I am sharing the beginning of a Father’s Day get-a-way that took place last year in 2013.1014319_476584535761741_189231848_n
I said, in a previous blog, I am catching up with lost time in the blogging world. I finally have some time to catch up with hills of photos and blogs before we exit Europe in two months. 1003288_476583669095161_729884107_n
Thanks to Facebook controlling who can see what for this Facebook page, I am doing a lot of catching up here on my blog. We see the numbers of the people who can see each post on this FB page. It is less than 10% of the people who’ve liked the page that are able to see what a business actually posts. If you pay Facebook, many see the posts in their feeds. If you don’t pay Facebook, well, your audience who has chosen to like the page, is in the dark with contests, travel destinations, future products and upcoming salon and spa specials.  1016678_476584192428442_786750709_n
If Facebook wants to charge for advertising; businesses, communities, food pages, etc. they need to charge a monthly fee so that all the people who’ve liked a page can get updates. Many websites charge a monthly fee, not a sign in fee or posting fee to be a part of a group. Paying by the post is ridiculous, and can be insanely expensive when the lights go out at the end of the month.8450_476584302428431_981505359_n
As we made our way out of the city of Lisbon, Portugal and out to the countryside into Marvão, Portugal last year, we chose to avoid the toll roads, another item that can be quite pricey. We decided to go a bit out of the way but saw so much more!!!!1016798_476583812428480_2135914182_n
We journeyed over the Vasco da Gama Bridge,DSC_5662
And once out of the city found cork trees stripped of their bark. The bark is harvested when the trees are 25 years old. They are then harvested every nine years. After the tree is stripped of the cork, the year that it was harvested is painted on the trunk of the tree.1005689_476583612428500_337723339_n
A little over 60% of the annual production of cork comes from Portugal. The rest comes from Italy and Spain. On our drive into Marvão, Portugal olive trees flourish and rabbits run a muck!!!1005882_476583752428486_854779260_n
What can I say, I’m an Okie and love the waving wheat and peace of life outside of the city!996178_476583632428498_1657469082_n
Why visit Marvão, Portugal?7309_476584545761740_1493982744_n
Because #1 New York Times best-selling book ‘1000 Places to see Before you Die’ says you should. Besides the history, it’s just really cool. To see the random poppies that grow throughout the town is another reason.999547_476584462428415_578970163_n
Inside the castle walls, breathtaking views saturate your eyes. You feel like the world is a grande and beautiful place where nothing can go wrong. Starlings chase each other through the air, swishing and zipping barely missing you at times, as you walk past this cross at dusk.1016057_476584092428452_1979357040_n
You can see Spain and the Serra de Estrela as you stand upon Marvão’s fortified walls and rock.   .DSC_5795
GPS coordinates into Marvão : 39.39433, -7.37771 1006138_476583799095148_1809180876_n
If you’re scared to drive through where the sidewalk looks like it begins, no worries. 1010767_476584652428396_202417554_n
We drove through and so did the hesitant Harley guys behind us….Drive up and around to the top and park, you can, and there is plenty of parking.1012795_476583769095151_771325750_n
Where we stayed was great for one kid but talk to Jorge at Dom Dinis. He works at a darling little bed and breakfast that is on and TripAdvisor. If you have more than one child he speaks English and can help direct you to a better facility!!!! Here’s his e-mail:
The bird spoke English below. If you’re the type who can’t hand gesture your way through a conversation or haven’t brushed up on the local language, it is okay. Polly does have a few cracker like words that you can understand to order dinner.1005713_476584182428443_1930487245_n
A perfect Friday night, over Father’s Day weekend, with my boys in Marvão, Portugal. If you live in Portugal or you have an extended amount of time for holiday, check out this town. I’ll say good-bye to the end of the sidewalk and begin another journey on the road again.DSC_5814

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