Shine Bright

Sunsets, every city, country and continent have them. So what’s the big deal?20160522_185158
How often do you stop and enjoy the day coming to an end? You know that moment where the big television in the sky changes episodes, from day to night. The big deal is that they are the most natural and beautiful expressions of God’s art in my eyes. They are never the same.DSC_0290
The island of Guam has some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. I’ve caught many, like this local fisherman catches seafood from the sea. He was so kind to pose for a photo for me at sunset one evening.20160519_184922 He made my night, as we watched that big ball of light shine bright in the sky and make its way down to the water’s edge.20160519_185355
I wanted to write a blog called 40 days and 40 nights on Guam. 40 days on the beach and 40 nights watching the sun set.IMG_20160507_200636
I didn’t take the time to photograph 40 sunsets or 40 beaches. Since I didn’t make the time the last two years, while living on the island of Guam, I will just share some of my favorite sunsets today that shine bright from this picturesque island.

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