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598740_4384630566765_632270220_nSelfless in a selfie world has been coming in and out of the skull. I don’t know how many photos I’ve seen, from some incredible explorations the last few years of people just sharing the selfie on social media sites. IMG_0687
We truly live in a selfie world. I mean documenting your time on a trip of a lifetime warrants a selfie. But when that is all you see across social media sites of many friends adventures, it can be a let down. It’s selfish to only post selfies. Some of us really want to see what others have explored.DSC_1845
Keeping all the places to yourself and only sharing your face gets old. Sometimes I yell at the screen and say move your face. I know what you look like!IMG_1597
Time after time, we’ve been out exploring waiting and waiting for people to take a selfie in front of sites. You stop, time and time and time again, trying not to be rude so someone can take a photo, say even in front of or behind trash.270950_2040620047967_4956209_n
We set up the tripod for that selfie when trash was a bit of problem in Naples. Boy did that tripod selfie stink. I guess it’s a long distance selfie? My husband pressed the button from the hand-held device to ignite the camera. Everyone seems to want a time stamp of where they’ve been. I get it. But there is more to see than the mug that flashes across the screen.IMG_1830
The exploring process takes triple the time with all the selfie love going on. Everyone seems to have a camera on them in this day and age. I just stop and watch people to see what they are getting in the shot behind them besides their face.DSC_8788
You’ll be walking down the street and someone stops right in front of you and then boom they’re shooting a selfie, selfie, selfie…..I tell you it’s hard to be selfless in the selfie world when many people hold up traffic so they can get their selfie.DSC_4126
Saying I’m sorry and excuse me, SOOO many times, has become frustrating. Learning to live selfless, considering the needs of the selfie taker has become a task.DSC_4226
 Now I do believe you have to love yourself to an extent. Self deprecation flows onto other people when you’re consistently criticizing yourself. But all the selfie love has me cracking up while we’re out exploring.299882_2372431623049_1550081404_n
My family is certainly guilty of playing in the selfie world too. Selfies have been around since there has been a camera. My husband and I started taking selfies on many adventures before the word selfie became popular. We’d be in a location where no one was around to take a photo. So a selfie on our honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii it was. us_on_beach2
I can see why the whole photo bombing thing is all the rage.
One of many photos is of my son above who just doesn’t want to pose or do a selfie with mom and dad. He normally bombs behind us but this one is a funny front bomb. Our only family photo in front of the Sphinx in Egypt. Not a selfie really, a bomber funny. We try our best to take selfies and family selfie photos when there is no one around.DSC_1576
As you see below my son gets sick of family photos so he likes to be the selfie bomber in front of popular selfie sites. He enjoys looking for bugs, lizards or snakes, racing up stairs or hunting for aquatic life since he doesn’t want to join in the family selfie love. I don’t blame him, his choices do sound better than striking a pose as we make love to the camera.DSC_5836DSC_2614DSC_1478DSC_5439
I’m learning to be more selfless and tolerant of selfie love, in a selfie world and today is all about the selfie here at gibsonchop…..IMG_0167IMG_0697DSC_1692DSC_6166Okay the above photo is not a personal selfie but a photo for my son who takes selifies with rabbits, dogs and cats. I found this one while searching for selfie photos. Yes, we have to search we don’t take them everyday, every week or even every month. Did you know that Scientists are linking daily selfie taking to mental illness? Wow, I know a lot of mental cases, three right here today. Here is one article that breaks it down a bit. Selfie up….DSC_5625DSC_1422

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