Sandy Dreams

DSC_9359Where can you find the largest sand sculpture event in the world?DSC_9338
Is it in Hawaii?DSC_9341
 Or in Australia?DSC_9303
How about in Mexico? DSC_9276
Nope, it’s located in Portugal. Pêra Portugal to be exact, which is located in the southern most region of Portugal, called the Algarve. Last weekend we headed south and kicked off summer vacation.DSC_9362
We’re relocating in a week and a half to Guam and before we start the house hunt, get our son enrolled in a new school system, unpack and get re-acquainted with island life we went on a mini summer vacation.DSC_9349
Well, I don’t know too many people who have to get a vaccination on vacation. My husband had to go to Rota, Spain and get a Japanese encephalitis vaccination for his job at his next duty station. Mayer and I didn’t really want to drive three hours from the Algarve to Rota so we stayed behind.  DSC_9355
After his vaccination he got flowers from the farmers 20 minutes outside of Rota, sunflowers. What a nice treat after being stabbed in the arm and pumped with medicine. He snapped these shots with my son’s camera. IMG_0563
Nice, right?IMG_0562
I always tell my friends it’s not always about the grade of camera you have, it’s what your eyes see, positioning, and willingness to go get the shot. Our son has a Canon camera that is under $100 at any tech store. As you can see, you can catch great shots with a basic camera, even without an i-Phone or a DSLR. Before I dig too deep in the sand and go off track, like I generally do, I will stay focused.DSC_9404
Today, it’s all about the sculpting. From May 25th until October 25th, 2014 the largest sand sculpting event in the world is taking place here.DSC_9331
We didn’t have any plans to visit this festival, it was a spontaneous exploration and one we were so glad to find.DSC_9313
This exhibition is organized by ProSandArt. DSC_9374
Themes from the past include: Tales of Enchantment, Lost Worlds, Mythology, Wonders of the World, Hollywood Films and Characters, Discoveries, Living World, Animal, Kingdom and Music.  Around 60 artists from around the globe have been sculpting 35,000 tons of sand here for a little over a decade at this event.DSC_9293
Guess what the theme is this year?DSC_9309
It’s all about music!DSC_9243
Summer is all about relaxing and having a good time. Music plays a big part in summer lovin’ and escaping to the beach as you make sandy dreams. Here at FIESA you’ll find musical artists from the past and present all carved from a mound of sand.DSC_9410
If you’re headed to the Algarve in Portugal this summer, make a stop at FIESA. It’s not located on the beach but in a 3.7 acre park not far from the beach. There is plenty of parking and sculptures that are truly spectacular. DSC_9396
At the end of the tour refresh your feet with a fish pedicure. There are four chairs with tanks below filled with tiny little doctor fish that are hungry for the dead skin on your feet. So fun as they tickle and vibrate along your toes.DSC_9420
If you have open sores or an underlying medical condition like cancer, diabetes or AIDS you may want to steer clear of this spa treatment. If you don’t, I suggest it before the sandman takes you off into sandy dreams. DSC_9402

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