Rolling Stone

19895_477966652290196_2077069529_nWanna visit a village made out of stone?580166_477966622290199_1223173185_n
Monsanto, Portugal has traces of man back to the Stone Age, which is linked back to the Ice Age.  1001157_477966418956886_1636598098_n
Today I am here to share with you a really cool boulder village. The homes are built out of stones and gigantic boulders.7938_477966782290183_1751633779_n
Monsanto is a village that has not changed in centuries.1045043_477966225623572_192100674_n
It is where geriatrics sit on door steps, speaking only Portuguese, trying to get you to purchase, Marafones.270440_477966548956873_401043930_n
What are Marfones? They are handmade dolls made out of a cross without a face. Since she doesn’t have eyes or a mouth, newlyweds are suppose to put it under their bed for fertility luck. The dolls can’t see or tell.375640_477967038956824_511533272_n
They are everywhere throughout this town. The Marafone is also used for the cross festival in May.1014098_477966108956917_1060237913_n
Monsanto is a place, where you can burn off the left over dinner and wine from the night before as you hike around boulder,994781_477966892290172_97626260_n
after boulder.1043871_477966825623512_1069026623_n
Then rest and take in the gorgeous countryside.1013950_477966168956911_326282121_n
 Monsanto, Portugal is a true Portuguese town. I mean it is in Portugal, so why wouldn’t be? GPS coordinates to Monsanto Portugal: 40.039205, -7.1143021005044_477965982290263_379575295_n

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