Roll the Dice

DSC_6380A few soul smiling jacks have been tossed in with my dice today as I’m contemplating the outcome of a roll I threw down. Should I share photos of a place that I spent two and half hours in this morning, where I re-energized?DSC_6403
It’s located in the town of Sintra, Portugal where I took a mental break and was filled with creative rejuvenation. Or should I take the jacks out and just play with the dice located from a city called Cádiz, Spain?4
Well, since we’ve been rolling through the Andalucían region now for a few weeks I’ll stay on course and leave all my soul smiling jacks that are located in Portugal, for a later time. Our time spent in Cádiz, Spain was short.3
Super short, much like this blog will be. We visited a day or so before Easter and due to Semana Santa, some of the places, including wash closets were not open.DSC_6421
You could grab a bite to eat and enjoy the beach but the weather was windy with bursts of rain showers that limited our exploring.2
Cádiz, Spain one of the oldest cities in Europe, could easily take up a few days of exploring and lounging along the beautiful shoreline but for us it was a quick roll through the town.DSC_6379

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