Rockin the Kasbah

DSC_6126The Shareef may not like it, but rocking the Casbah, was in and out of my head as I walked the streets through the Kasbah in Tangier, Morocco.DSC_6037
We boarded a ferry from Tarifa, Spain and headed south into northern Africa to purchase a few Moroccan poufs. It was the main goal for the trip.DSC_5974
One pouf is for the contest on Facebook and is pictured in our next to last contest while living in Europe. It is located here. The other, a resting spot for my bum so I can have a cushy place to do pedicures again in my chop shop. That will be once we are settled and have set up our home in Guam.DSC_6082
Now, when we exited the ferry in Morocco we had intentions to walk right into the market and purchase a few poufs. DSC_6019
Well, that did not happen. We know how to say, no…no…no…thank you but no… when travelling and being solicited, time and time again with multiple items.DSC_6189
But we met this fella named Abdul who we could not say no too. His price was more than reasonable and he was good at his technique in sales and sold us on a private guided tour through the city.DSC_6110
He worked for a Swedish woman for 25 years who owned a riad. He gave tours around Tangier and in the end was left without a pension when she decided to close up shop and move back to her motherland.DSC_6213
She left her house to his wife and four daughters, so they would have a place to live, if he decided to go off course and desert his family.DSC_6185
He shared this information as he took us through a stroll of the Kasbah.DSC_6100
He took us to the market where fresh veggies, spices and local goods were in abundance.DSC_6191
He told us few cities in the world have history like Tangier. He told us  numerous times that Tangier was once occupied by The Tangier International Zone; France, Spain, Britain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States but not anymore.DSC_6274
We walked from zone to zone checking out the countries whose marks are left in plaster.DSC_6263
We only spent a few hours in Morocco but it was a few hours packed with a punch of history and life all around. We watched children jumping rope, kids playing soccer in the tiny streets and others walking  hand in hand as they made their way past the old and kids their own age.DSC_6152
A few of my favorite things would have to be the men at work inside the city. One was sewing a wedding dress for an upcoming wedding. His eyes were kind as he smiled for the camera. The bride wears seven gowns during the week of celebration up into her wedding. This man was hard at work!DSC_6171
Another favorite moment would have to be watching the man make bread on the bottom floor of the homes above. Next to him sat a cat, all cozy and asleep.DSC_6139
The Moorish architecture throughout the city really reached into my decorating cells along with the bold colors that were painted on some of the homes.DSC_6054
I loved the blue walls that were painted below on this building. Do you know why they are painted blue?DSC_6155
To keep the flies away. Thank you Abdul for utilizing your brain cells for the afternoon and giving us so much information on this quick tour. Morocco is one country I hope and pray we can return to and visit again one day. Hello Casablanca or Marrakesh??DSC_6077

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