I feel like I’m serving up a bowl of Rice-A-Roni on this blog today. Photos and GPS coordinates galore of sites and towns scattered throughout Portugal, {although I didn’t post nearly as many as I took}! We won’t be making a stop on Pier 39 or visiting Alcatraz but you may feel as though this trolley stop is starting off in San Francisco, California. As I’m combing through photos of two weeks of exploring Lisbon, Portugal with my girlfriend Suzi, memories from a past visit to San Francisco re-surface as we tram our way through a city filled with steep streets, rich food and a bridge designed like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Two replicas of great architectural design tower over the Tagus River in Lisbon, Portugal. The 25th of April Bridge also known as the, Salazar Bridge, {prior to the April 25th revolution in 1974}. Those that were loyal to Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, who ruled from 1932 to 1968 in Portugal, still refer to it as the Salazar bridge. Many who didn’t or don’t want their political affiliation known refer to the Golden Gate like bridge as, “The Bridge Over the Water”. This bridge, that seems like a Golden Gate replica, was built in 1966 and is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.
The other duplicate structure is the Cristo-Rie. It was designed after Christ the Reedemer in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

While my friend Suzi was visiting, we came across these sights countless times. My husband David had a plethora of places for us to explore in Lisbon. Two weeks wasn’t enough time to tackle everything on our map. Finishing my bowl of Rice-A-Roni didn’t happen.
{Thank goodness since we live here we have more time to explore.}
In Suzi’s two week visit we ate a lot of Portuguese cuisine,

saw a lot of Portugal beyond the tourist destinations,

but didn’t hit every site we thought we could tackle. It was impossible!
Today I’ll be touching on a few sites that we enjoyed seeing. Many of the sites will have a blog of their own because we spent more time in them. I am listing a lot of GPS Coordinates for you to find and explore on this blog today.{There are quite a few kernels of rice I’ve left behind and look forward to finding!} As the year progresses I hope to have even more coordinates and destinations for you. {This blog is for specifically for Liz and Gordon Barnes, they requested that we list sites and GPS coordinates to sites we visit so others can benefit from our research. So today I give you my spoon so you can dig in!}
GPS Coordinates to sights we didn’t make it to and sights we did:
Aveiro: {The Venice of Portugal.}

Costa Nova:{A striping beach town.}

Águeda:{A small town but it has a fabulous art display of umbrellas.}

Food, food, glorious Portuguese cuisine!!!

{You have to try a pastry from Pastéis de Belém, located on the same street as the Jerónimos Monastery. There are many pastry places that are amazing too if you don’t feel like standing in line here.}
Antiga Confeitaria de Belem {above photo of the pastry shop}: 38.697384,-9203225

Lisbon: {Belem Area}
Jerónimos Monastery: 38.696974,-9.206221
Monument of Discoveries: 38.6937,-9.206114
Belem Tower: 38.692226,-9.213656

Palácio dos Marquês  de Fronteira: 38.740699,-9.180751
Glubenkian Museum: 38.738578,-9.154304
Miradouro Parque Eduardo Vll: 38.730548,-9.154648
Praca do Marques de Pombal & Urban Art: 38.725279,-9.149959

Urban Art: 38.720746,-9.162914

Basilica da Estrela: 38.713698,-9.160742
Urban Art: 38.729359,-9.147529
Museo Nacional do Azulejo: 38.724994, -9.113438
Avenida da Liberdade: 38.722044,-9.146687
Convento dos Cardaes: 38.714621,-9.147556

Lisbon: {Left of Central}
Gloria Elevator: 38.715994,-9.143042
Pedro de Alcantara Overlook: 38.714451,-9.14423
Solar do Vinho do Porto: 38.714234,-9.144112
Igreja de Sao Roque: 38.713288,-9.143495
Fado in Chiado: 38.71141,-9.1429
Fabrica Sant’Anna: 38.709514,-9.143165
Rossio Square: 38.71374,-9.139633
Igreja do Carmo: 38.711762,-9.140558
Fernando Pessoa: 38.710831,-9.140528
Praca do Comercio & King Jose I Statue: 38.706988,-9.136242
Cais do Sodre: 38.70622,-9.145064

Lisbon: {Right of Central}
Mosteiro de Sao Vicente de Fora: 38.714916,-9.128579
St. George’s Castle: 38.713267,-9.133262
Lisbon Cathedral & Santo Antonio de Lisbon: 38.70974,-9.13349
Terriero do Paco: 38.707214,-9.133158
National Pantheon: 38.714665,-9.12532
Santa Apolonia: 38.713811,-9.122386

Lisbon: {Central}
Palacio de Queluz: 38.750218,-9.257569

Sintra, Portugal:
Quinta da Regaliera: 38.795955,-9.397511
Palacio Nacional da Pena: 38.787724,-9.391256
Pena Park: 38.788281,-9.389054
Castelo dos Mouros: 38.792401, -9.389319
National Palace of Sintra: 38.797548, -9.39065

Park and Palace of Monserrate:38.791795,-9.419269

Cabo da Roca: 38.781856,-9.496908

Évora, Portugal:{Roman Temple above}
Agua de Prata Aqueduct: 38.576225,-7.913061
Praca do Giraldo: 38.5708,-7.909539
Capela dos Ossos: 38.568963,-7.908633
Roman Temple: 38.572809,-7.907294

Obidos, Portugal: {above photo}
Obidos to back lot: 39.35918,-9.15778

Fatima, Portual: {above photo}
Our Lady of Fatima: 39.633316,-8.670477

Mafra,Portugal {palace above}
Mafra National Palace:38.93658,-9.3275

Boca do Inferno:{above site}38.691045,-9.430443
Arrabida, Portugal
38.473868, -8.983018
Setubal, Portugal
Mosteirod de Santa Maria da Vitorio: 39.658777,-8.826609
Santa Maria in Alcobaca: 39.548182,-8.981196
Cascais, Portugal {Parking Garage}:38.69746,-9.419714

Colares, Praia Grande:{above photo}
My trolley has run out of steam today! I think I will take the rest of the day listening to the waves crash on the shoreline out by Guincho beach!

{GPS Coordinates for Guincho Beach above: 38.733833,-9.472833}

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