Purchasing Power

DSC_0589We all know that it takes money to make the world go round and round. Well literally, it has nothing to do with the Earth spinning on its axis by making it go round and round. For many of us we need money to get what we want or need in life for our world to keep spinning.DSC_0558
If you had all the money in the world how would you use your purchasing power to bring a smile to a face? What would you purchase that would bring a smile that could last for decades?
 How about purchasing lives? While driving through four countries during Christmas vacation 2013, my mind had a lot of time to think about the reality of life. My reality t.v. viewing was spent in an area where the Nazi regime had a tremendous amount of power. Slovakia and Poland are areas I stop today to share some photos and to reflect on purchasing power. DSC_1586 We spent three days in Poland after driving through Slovakia. Can you guess where our apartment was located?DSC_1580
In the Old Town Jewish quarter, right around the corner from where Oskar Schindler rented the Schindler factory. A place that brought a smile to some Jewish people. Have you ever seen Schindler’s List?DSC_1590
Well, these are just a few faces from the 1,100 Jews that Oskar Schindler used his purchasing power and saved. These 1,100 Jewish people went on to create 6,000 Jewish lives after Hitler and the Nazi Regime were taken down.DSC_1596
At the end of Schindler’s List, he stands in the middle of the tracks, looking on at his car. Talking about all the things he wasted money on. All the other Jewish people he could have bought and saved by putting them to work.DSC_0598
Besides being in tears almost the entire movie, this man made me smile. In the beginning of the movie I thought this was a man who was just wanting to get rich, purchasing Jewish people, making them work for him, using them to make him money. But ultimately he was saving lives. His charisma and his charm, were part of his power to persuade the Nazi Army, in purchasing lives to work for him.  Using his power to ultimately save lives.DSC_1622
In the end Oskar Schindler was bankrupt. He had more money than he needed during the war and bought lives, he saved lives with all the fortune he made. At the very end of the movie, the surviving Jewish people go by his grave and place rocks on his tombstone. Many had somber faces but there were children, their offspring smiling as they walked or were wheeled past his grave.DSC_1768
This kind of purchasing power made me smile and made me think about the ones who use their power for good. My friends who’ve used their purchasing power to save the lives of children through adoption. Power is when you use your life to do good for others and today I reflect on Oskar Schindler and how he used his purchasing power on Earth. The good he purchased, the lives he saved.DSC_1584

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