Project Weekday

DSC_6429Finding a creative outlet is necessary, especially for the folk who operate mainly from the right side of the brain.  You can almost go crazy if you don’t have some sort of project to release creative flow into. So if you’ve found that you’ve been given some extra time because of an unfortunate government shutdown, you’re in between jobs or you’re looking for a new hobby, this blog may be for you. Project Weekday is about putting your hands to use on things you’ve put off to do, because you either don’t have the time or think you don’t have the gift.   My project runway gift, also known as, enhancing hair behind the chair, has been hiding away under a colorful assortment of other projects I am trying to complete.DSC_9905
I miss the beautiful souls that have trusted themselves with me, the ones who walk the runway in their everyday life. My creative juices have to be released somewhere in order to function properly. I’ve had ample opportunities to step behind the chair while living in Portugal but if I say yes to one person, then deny the next, I feel that is wrong. I don’t play favorites. I have to say no, to one kind of work in this season of my life, to work on another. I told myself the last few weeks I would work on writing my book while my little cutie is away at school.
But I have creative ADD!!!! Ahhh! A few weeks ago I found this Portuguese piece on 2nd Hand Cascais. When I saw that the price was €30, I thought, this has to be an error. It wasn’t, so after showing my husband it on online and consulting with him on what he thought, he drove to downtown Lisbon and picked her up for me.DSC_6251
Yes, that is how he brought her home on top of our beater car. We said goodbye to our gas guzzling SUV a few years back. We miss her when it comes to transporting larger items and being able to load a bunch of kids in, but we don’t miss watching money go down the drain in fuel. Watching Italians and Portuguese transport items like: ladders, furniture and a family of four on a Vespa, has lead us to partake in transporting goods the same way. Not on a Vespa but on the top of our car or sticking out the back. It’s not the safest way to transport but my husband strapped it on the roof of the car pretty good. Oh European lifestyle, the habits we have made inside of you will have to be broken when we move back to our motherland.DSC_6256
Now I really don’t need anything else in my house, especially when we will be moving and shipping our stuff to our next destination in seven months. We tend to downsize and give things away at each duty station, it’s our way of recycling. I get bored and unfortunately I am a thrift store junkie and a remodelaholic. If I can’t remodel hair, then I have to remodel something. To sell, give away or to decorate my home.DSC_6427
After I redid the hutch on the right, I thought this will be a perfect place to keep my retail when I get behind the chair again and open up shop, so it does have a purpose {that’s what I tell myself}. Today I will share with you what inspires me and how to remodel a piece that has great bones but the color isn’t for you.DSC_6273
Last week, my husband brought home a gift for me. Since we move a lot, and most the homes we’ve moved into have white walls, I try to fill my house with color. I call the pieces my husband buys, my diamonds. My husband gets to enjoy the diamonds he purchases too. Most my diamonds don’t sit in a jewelry box, hidden away but they shine on the walls.DSC_6449
The downside in him purchasing my kind of diamonds, is that you really can’t hang all of them on the wall. It’s like you can’t wear all your jewelry at once, otherwise you look like a hot mess. I have a few pieces of art that have been given to me by my artist friends. They’ve fit into our decor at various times, but they have become like Christmas decorations. You put them on the wall for a season only to rotate out. When you move to a new region of the world, you tend to live in a variety of different atmospheres. I mean, if you live in Alaska, are you going to decorate Caribbean Style? Maybe, if you want to keep the place where you came from alive. When my husband came home with a photo I took in Águeda, Portugal, printed on canvas, I was smiling. I love the colors and the thought he put into the gift. It was my inspiration for my remodelaholic problem.DSC_6440
Now with a photo that is happy and bright, it needs to be the center piece of a room. So, I thought I am going to put it in the entry way. A little bit of sunshine to brighten the day, especially a lousy day. I have found the kitchen, the heart of the home, has moved up to the front of the house. It’s where kids are dropped off and picked up. It seems like we stand in here during drop off and pick up time longer than any other room.DSC_6457
The room was dark since, there is dark wood on the ceilings and doors. So Project Weekday had me performing a face lift or two. Now, I am not face lifting a home we rent, just some pieces that relocate with us. The umbrellas in Águeda, Portugal were my inspiration. Here are the steps to Project Weekday. Step one: Go to the local hardware store or paint store and purchase some paint, then pull out the sander and a drop cloth.DSC_6279
Step two: Sand the shine off the paint that was previously painted.DSC_6274
Step three: Paint the first coat green around the areas you know you will expose by distressing.DSC_6297
I like the way distressed furniture looks. I used to be a crackle head and crackled many pieces in the past but my husband was bit tired of my crackling addiction. I really had a problem, but thankfully found homes for the pieces. We now only have one piece that is crackled and is also a chalkboard for our son.IMG_2691
Now there will be no crackling today, just sanding, painting two different colors, distressing and adding new hardware to the hutch. Oh, and also adding some color to a brown mirror I had purchased years ago for my salon in Poulsbo, WA.IMG_7513
While I was waiting for my next step to dry, I taped off the mirror and spray painted the brown metal mirror with a candy apple red color.DSC_6301
Step four: Paint the hutch blue.DSC_6442Step five: Take the sander and distress the areas you want the 1st color to be exposed.DSC_6319Step six: Add some new hardware.DSC_6317Step 7: Move the hutch into the corner and fill with a few favorite pieces.DSC_6460
After the redecorated mirror finished drying, the excess paint, that made its way onto the mirror is scraped off with a razor blade then cleaned with vinegar. Then it was placed above a dresser we found at a thrift store in Washington state. It was also a Project Weekday and has been re-purposed. DSC_6470
While living in Italy we spent a lot of time on the Amalfi Coast picking up pieces of ceramic tiles and sea glass that had washed on shore. We have a lot of it and use it as fillers in spaces. It didn’t cost anything except a few hours bent over picking it up. I put the pieces in a wine box I got from the Jumbo, it was free as well. Well, we purchased wine in it. I re-purposed it too and placed a candle in the middle. DSC_6438
A few damigianas that we found on the side of the road in Italy, fill in the spaces along with a small rug can transform a dark unwelcoming entrance into a happy-happy-happy space.DSC_6428Oh and our bunny Hipster, she likes to join me in Project Weekday. She’s usually plopped underneath my feet, all sprawled out when I am working on my other projects.DSC_6463DSC_2346Or caught being ornery when her Mayer is at school.DSC_6290If you’re a right brained person living among many left brained people, remember to let your creative juices flow. It will help with anxiety, the “what if’s??” in life and questions to what in the world is going on with the world……That’s what we do at Project Weekday!DSC_6456

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