Do you want to get stuff done? Are you tired? Do you want all day energy without the crash? If you thought yes to one of these questions, we need to get you THRIVING!!!!! I have the perfect product for you. THRIVE by Le-Vel. Here is a link to my Le-Vel account for you to explore: gibsonchop.le-vel-com. I want you to feel as good as I do and can help you! I want you to make this three step program a part of your life! 

E-mail me at so we can get you moving into a new direction….. #thriveforlife


My first published book, called The Chopped Gem, is available in paperback and kindle download at,, and It is also stocked by Gardners Books, the UK’s largest wholesale provider.

Over the course of my Cosmetology career I have used a ton of products. But have found one product I am really in love for the hair. It can only be purchased online or through a Hairdresser.

 New Wash, a chemical free cleansing aid that replaces shampoo, conditioner and masks repairs the hair from damage done by detergent in shampoos, bleach, color, pollution and hard water. Ask your licensed hairstylist about it or you can order a bottle with FREE shipping in the USA at, Just type in Emily Gibson as your stylist referral.  12809524_10207451158569976_1190277431140647484_n

Also available are travel photos from my family’s journey around the globe. They can be put on canvas for decor in a home, place of business, bed and breakfast or website. Shoot me an e-mail at if interested in viewing a portfolio of photographs for sale. I accept credit cards and PayPal. All photos posted at have been shot by my husband, myself or my son. Below is a photo of the Aragonese Castle on the island of Ischia.  Another is a photo of umbrellas used for shade on a street in Águeda, Portugal. Really loved that street! Finally a night shot in Venice, Italy. These are just a few of my favorite travel destinations and look great in a frame or on canvas.



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