Party Pooper

DSC_4108I am laughing inside because I am pooped out from the party we had last month. I thought I was done with Spring Break 2014. Then I remembered there is one more city in Spain we spent a little time in before we headed further south into Morocco and Gibraltar.DSC_4141
Well, I am done with writing and posting photos on the Andalusian region of Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco but I have one town left to share that dates back to 25 B.C.DSC_4102
It is in the Extremadura region of Spain. There is so much to say about this town but my party side personality is a little pooped out from riding a magic carpet through Spain. In Merida, Spain you could certainly find a place to relax but be careful not to get pooped on by the swallows. They were flying in and out of their nests they had built under this structure.DSC_4120
DSC_4116Now my camera was taking a nap while we were there. I woke it up a few times to get some shots. It was night one, day one of Spring Break 2014. We literally enjoyed tapas, in tight streets with ancient structures all around.DSC_4139
Do you ever get pooped out? I do. So I am crossing over mentally out of Spring Break 2014 and moving on to some wonderful places to explore the next few weeks in Portugal. Today I am just  going to post some photos of our little party in Merida.
Here you have the Temple of Diana, below.
DSC_4164The Roman aqueduct ruins.DSC_4104Spring blooming all around.DSC_4199
And a photo of a little market shopping we admired. It was located right before you enter the number one attraction of Merida, the Roman Theater. Check out the bed we found at this market. Does it look familiar to the one we found while we were junkin’ in Portugal? So dramatic. She’s a doozy to clean but my husband and I loved one similar to this one and found an amazing deal that we couldn’t pass up. Link to what we’ll be resting our heads on in the future here.DSC_4201
Now we opted not to explore the Roman Theater. Why? Well, living in Europe now for three and half years we’ve seen so many Roman ruins. We thought we would save the money that it cost to enter the site for something else down the road. Yes, we were party poopers. Today I am moving forward and rolling up the magic carpet. I’ll be announcing a winner for the “Magic Carpet Ride” contest this Thursday the 22nd. Contest rules located here. That’s the end of Spring Break 2014. I’m all pooped out!DSC_4122

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