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Five years later we finally put together a Facebook page.

When you’re self-employed and have to self-promote yourself it gets annoying amongst friends and family. So now my friends don’t have to deal with my promoting of a business on Facebook anymore.
Instead of making announcements about new blogs or how the process of the books are doing I will now update through our gibsonchop.com Facebook page.
So if you want to be updated on new blogs feel free to like us there.
I’m sure my friends are happy to read this!!!!!
There’s only so many times that you can be solicited by a pyramid scheme that you start ignoring their prospective ideas or block that friend from your reading list.
As of right now I am taking a break from appointments from behind the chair to finish my dream!
Sara Megibow from Nelson Literary Agency suggests people who are writing a manuscript should have a Facebook, Twitter, and a Blog. I have 2 out of three, personally I’m not that interesting to be tweeting all the time. Do you really want to know all the moments of a persons day?
I don’t! I’m actually pretty boring, unless you have telepathic powers and can read my mind.
That is why I’m writing fiction.
I can’t believe the stuff that is going on in my head.
{That sounds pretty creepy!}
I’m told building up readers through these social media outlets will pay off in the end………..
We shall see! I first need to finish getting these crazy characters out so you can see what I’ve been dealing with for the last 2 years!
I promise to get my Rock and Roll stars, who hit the slopes over spring break, on a blog by next week!
Just search gibsonchop.com on Facebook and like us on Facebook for future updates!
{If you like us at the bottom of the page it will just flag the article you like,
not that you like the business page.} Thanks for your support and cheers to living each day to its fullest!

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