Old Red

72-hour getaways for our family of three while living in California have been the way to explore. Our first 72-hour getaway, while living in this gorgeous state, was over Winter Break of December 2016. We traveled from Monterey to Eureka, California.

We had planned a longer trip to Portland, Oregon to visit with family and friends over the break, but due to some unexpected events, plans had to change. From plans of two weeks away from our home to 72 hours, we managed to enjoy some time away from home in Old Red and forgot about Old Blue.

Hello, Redwood Forest.

Hello to The Avenue of Giants.

Hello to the Victorian homes along the Northern Coast of California. The one pictured below is from the town of Ferndale. It is called the Gingerbread Mansion Inn. On this 72 hour journey, we pulled off inside the Redwood Coast and soaked up the smell of the forest. The overpowering quite inside this place made my mind be still. I did capture one photo of my husband and son being still before they got busy exploring.

I shook out our blanket, I put my back to the ground and put my feet up against this old, beautiful Redwood.

My husband and son journeyed off to the river. They have a lot of energy that needs to be utilized and they know mom likes to kick it in silence, so they went off to explore.

As I rested my head on the Earth and looked up into the trees, I felt so small. I felt at peace. If I had a tent I think I could have stayed here forever. I was thinking about how much our planet has been through. How much man has created here on Earth? It’s amazing how nature thrives through the decisions of man. Thank you, modern folks, who want future generations to enjoy it.

I prayed, which I do a lot of in my life while I rested here. This 72-hour exploration was perfect. Our first get away from our home since moving to Monterey helped all of our busy minds.

As my husband, son and I, continue to view more and more of a home that we all share, I continue to think about the Giants. What they’ve been through and how they’ve remained tall and strong through so many years of beatings. I also think Superman lives somewhere in the Avenue of Giants. Maybe that’s why they are still standing. We found his changing booth…

“Hey, Old Red…72 hours in your land was really nice. I hope others treat you well and continue to respect your beauty and what you provide for us humans. You’re pretty spectacular.”


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