So, our time in Hong Kong ended up being a longer pit stop over the winter break than we had planned.20151222_140713

A little, itty, bitty detail was missed in planning our final destination to India.20151222_140339

Oh and we didn’t make it to India, but we went to Indonesia instead. Longer story and it will make it onto a different blog.20151231_145444

We did enjoy the life in Hong Kong and all the cool big buildings.20151220_114345

The flower markets.20151231_150504

The history. Especially the dragon parade on New Year’s Day.DSC_4678

The view from the Ngong Ping 360.20151222_160258

The Big Buddha.20151222_134656

Aviary life at the bird market. Tons of birds and tons of cages. Lots of singing.20151231_152230

The Goldfish Market.20151231_155244

Food+it being local food =’s yummy!

Finally, hopping on and off of trains, buses and cabs is all in a day’s work. Sometimes it fills up ones travel day for the duration of the day of exploring.20151231_154354

But I don’t want to live in Hong Kong  in case that Zombie Apocalypse happens, just saying….Too many buildings. Not enough grass.20160101_135241

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