Mini Figured Out

With a to do list as long as the Great Wall of China floating around in my head, it’s kind of given me a headache. A week long headache. My family was bombarded with a massive cold on top of a to do list. Whatever bug climbed into our systems has been unfriendly. It’s hard to pin point where exactly we picked up the bug. Especially, since the last few weeks we’ve been in and out of countries, hotels, trains, rental cars and airports. It’s anyone’s guess where and when the mini booger came into our systems. But thankfully we got through the holidays and the boys birthdays before the mini monster bug configured its way through our systems.DSC_2115
 Speaking of birthdays, I wasn’t going to do a big party for my son this year. I did one last year. It was a MINECRAFT party. Clicking the MINECRAFT Birthday may have you seeing why my husband and I told Mayer that we would be doing something different next year. Last year was great but tiring and after the holidays it’s hard to muster the energy to carry off a big party right after New Years.DSC_2101
Well, we decided that since this is Mayer’s last year with his best buddies: Phillip, Arthuro and Athos that we would do something oh so small, to celebrate his special day.DSC_2346
I was not politically correct and was the mean parent this year not inviting his whole class. I felt bad for not inviting all of them. His teacher Ms. Crandall let me bring the class cupcakes on M’s birthday. That was probably mean too, adding sugar to the blood stream but it was before lunch, PE and recess so they had plenty of time to burn it off. Thankfully, my son goes to a school where it wasn’t a huge dramatic issue.DSC_1946
Now, when I say I can’t do something, I mean it. I could not write the classmates names on the cupcakes. I am a total Pinterest fail when it comes to decorating with sugar and drawing, just take a look….DSC_1928
So I asked my son to make each of his classmates a custom designed mini figure for each of the cupcakes so they wouldn’t feel left out not getting to come to his party. Say hello to Mayer’s mini figure classmates. We have Phillip the Army Man.DSC_1955
Levy the Police Man.DSC_1953
Samuel the Alien Guy.DSC_1956
Nicholas the Rockstar.DSC_1952
Lexy the Blonde Barbie.DSC_1957
Julia the Bee Girl.DSC_1958
Last but not least, Mayer the clown. So fitting.DSC_1959
Can’t forget his awesome teacher Ms. Crandall. The GORGEOUS redhead!DSC_1963
Are you looking for ideas to throw a mini party for your little mini? 1st you have to have goodie bags. I chose yellow mini figure facial goodie bags. Inspired by a pin from my dream world, Pinterest and recreated by my highly skilled husband. He also made my son’s mini banner. What a man, what a man, what a mighty mighty good man!DSC_2109
Next, would be the Lego birthday cake. Now, I have zero skills in making cakes look pretty. You just saw the writing on my cupcakes. It is not my gift but there is this British artist named Michelle Gilbert-Cross living in Portugal. She made my son his MINECRAFT cake last year and I gave her a photo I found on my dream site and she made my son his dream cake again this year. Her Lego Cake master piece!DSC_2007
The weather is wet and rainy here this time of year in Portugal. I didn’t want my son and his friends plugged into electronics all night so we took them bowling. We were there for two games. I had three different kind of games for them that night to win a prize. I learned that night that Mayer’s friends are highly competitive boys. They all try and go for the gold.
1st game: Two rounds bowling. Congratulations Phillip!DSC_2239
And Athos!DSC_2338
2nd game:  Guess the amount of Lego’s in the jar. Athos strikes again and wins!DSC_2122
3rd: Build-build-build a design from Lego’s in 15 minutes. The group will vote for the winner but you can’t vote for yourself.DSC_2381
Congratulations Mayer, your friends voted for you! I would have to say that was a great way to end your birthday evening.DSC_2432
Party central started around Thanksgiving and wrapped up Monday night when my husband welcomed “middle age” by turning 40.DSC_2622
I really wanted to throw the man a surprise birthday party but he is one man you just can’t surprise. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! I went over ideas with my friend Juliana on how to do it. Our husbands’ share the same birthday and we discussed having a dual surprise party. I knew it wasn’t going to really work on my end. I also thought 40 is a birthday that really shouldn’t be shared with another person, that is unless you have a child who has a birthday the same weekend and you have no choice but to share the birthday weekend!DSC_2468
Believe me he wasn’t served chopped liver and his portion of the birthday weekend served up a mini portion of drama. We as a family celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday in downtown Lisbon, the day after Mayer’s party, his style. An evening soaking in the indoor pool at the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon. This 5 star hotel had rooms on for $100. Score! Oh and he didn’t want to go out so he ordered room service. Then Sunday, we spent the day in downtown Lisbon. All the years we’ve lived in the city or near a city we’ve never seen a pick pocket at work but did on Tram 12.DSC_2543
These three guys, were in-cahoots. They took on one man. Two men boarded Tram 12 in front of the man and his wife. They started messing with their change and acted like they dropped something. Then the the third guy behind them was trying to take his wallet as they were boarding. But the tourist won. He yelled, “He’s trying to take my wallet!” He then shoved the guys in front of him that were part of the scheme.The man was smart and had his wallet connected to his pants inside. The three men exited the tram and just stood by the window looking down into their hands not running or anything, awaiting the next Tram and their next victim.DSC_2541
It was scary and sad but the tourist won! When we got off the Tram after that debacle a man and a woman with stage makeup asked us for directions to the castle. She was one of the leads in  Cirque du Soleil: Dralion. We ended the evening with seeing her along with the other cast members of Cirque du Soleil: Dralion perform. Sorry no photos here today they weren’t allowed from Cirque. But I will share with you something I made for the hubby. A yummy made from scratch orange and rum cake. I even made the cake flour. 1st time to ever make the cake flour. It tasted good but visually, was not so pretty. The Husband liked it and that is all that mattered! But it wasn’t aesthetically appealing, this is why I have someone make the special cakes! Happy Birthday Gibson boys! Love you both so much but I’m all mini figured out!DSC_2618

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