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That’s what I have done while living on the island of Guam. I have minded my business. Or I should say businesses…Chopping and Dyeing hair have been my livelihood for the last two years on Guam. But my work behind the chair has officially come to a close due to an upcoming move to California. A year ago today, on April 15, 2015, my in home spa and salon was approved through the Commanding Officer of Naval Base Guam.Letter

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I received this letter. Time has flown by.  The amount of work I had to go through to get my in home business approved through the military was a lot of work. I had to apply for a Guam Cosmetology license, {that took four months for processing}, then I had to get a PPD shot through the Naval Hospital, a health certificate, take a blood pathogens course, have Preventive Medicine come into my home and my work space to make sure all was up to the standards of the Navy NEX Barber and Beauty salon. After I completed all those steps I had to submit all paperwork to the JAG at legal and then he had to see if the NEX Barber and Beauty shops had any issues with me setting up my one man shop. Finally, after all questions were answered my application was submitted to the CO of Naval Base Guam. On April 15, 2015 I received an e-mail and in the subject line it read; Home Cosmetology Business Approved. Was it worth it to go through all of this to work out of my home legally for a year? Heck ya!!! As a spouse to a military member it can be a bit difficult for many of us to find employment when you have to move and start over every few years. Being a hairstylist in this military lifestyle our appointment slots can fill up fast. I never would have thought 15 years ago when I embarked on my journey as a hairdresser, that you could move around so much and have so many clients. It is crazy, but true. A year ago, all my hard worked  paid off so that I no longer had to work for free.fourhairclients

I worked pro-bono up until that point on the island of Guam. That was until my shop was approved. Working for free isn’t ideal but I’ve done it in hairdressing and in giving copies of my book The Chopped Gem away.  11159454_10205318287369529_8846839562301113272_n

Building a clientele was fast on Guam and where I put my energy this last year with working behind the chair. Hopefully when I return stateside and put energy into promoting my book, reviews will pour in like the water that flows down the drain after rinsing hair on my clients. If you’ve read The Chopped Gem and have a moment, I along with potential readers, would really appreciate your thoughts heregem2

I am tired of minding my business so I will share with you my business endeavors for the mind, hair and skin. For the mind, my book The Chopped Gem is a perfect read by the beach, by the pool or if you’re  snowed in and would like to escape for a bit. All open endings in this book will be answered in Gem War. To purchase The Chopped Gem just click here. In the last six months I have decided to ditch shampoo, conditioner and masks. I have fallen head over heals for this product called New Wash by Hairstory.com for the hair.12809524_10207451158569976_1190277431140647484_n

New Wash is one of the eight best new hair products that seem to be changing the beauty game. That is according to Vogue magazine. Article is located here at Vogue.com.  If you haven’t tried New Wash, you must. The essential oil blend removes the yuck in your hair and leaves the good stuff behind. It is perfect for all hair types. It will take a few washes for your scalp and hair to adjust but I guarantee it will find a balance. If not Hairstory.com will refund your money plus they believe in free shipping to all US residents. It is perfect for ALL hair types. If you’re an Independent Hairdresser the company will send you an 8 oz. bottle of New Wash for FREE! Just enter your information and send a photo copy of your cosmetology license via e-mail. If you feel like it, tell them Emily Gibson is your stylist referral. 20160213_111734 I suggest the 32 oz. bag and bottle over the 8 oz bottle. It is more economical. You will whip right through the 8 oz. Just tell them Emily Gibson sent you. Free shipping for you too.  Go to www.shophairstory.com to place an order and have shipped right to your door.

Last but not least in my rebelling against minding my own business and sharing my business ventures online, is my favorite skin care line called Beauty Society. This company is Eco-friendly, made in the USA, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free, gluten free and vegan friendly. Feeling like making a change in your skin care routine and line or maybe you’re interested in a new business opportunity? Have fun window shopping here.download

 I love the Set Me Free Cleanser, Fake I.D. and Love Thy Face moisturizer. Their Perfect 10 foundation is perfect for any climate. Oh, they also have these lip glistens that have an LED light and mirror attached to the tube. They taste minty when you lick your lips. If you have any questions e-mail me at emily@gibsonchop.com

Time behind the chair on the island of Guam has come to a close. What a ride. I’d like to thank all of you who decided to make me part of your business this past year. From sitting in my chair, to purchasing products that entertain the mind and repair the hair and skin; thank you, thank you, thank you!


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