1504119_565956023491258_1827169628_nIf you’re looking for an alternative place to celebrate a milestone in your life or you enjoy adventure off the beaten path, I highly recommend a trip into a UNESCO World Heritage Site called the Alto Douro Wine Region.1520747_565956080157919_1241106197_n
This area has been known for its main product, Port wine, since the 18th century.
It’s a region lined with vertical slopes and vineyards along the Douro River in Portugal.1526837_565956100157917_2105409387_n
I thought we had missed the chance last fall to see the foliage change in an area where the exclusive production of port wine is made,1538898_565956593491201_332871462_n
but thanks to my husband and his secret planning skills, he surprised me and my son with a getaway into this region in December of 2013.1512632_565956536824540_1717369911_n
I am finally getting around to posting a few photos here from that weekend trip. We took an intermission from the busy holiday season last year, to rest and reflect on celebratory events in our lives.1486697_565956160157911_779883082_n
On December 12, 1997 my husband and I started dating and sixteen years later on December 12th, I finished the fiction piece I’ve been working on for three years. In 2014 the project that held my mind captive for so long, will become a product.1526560_565956473491213_1010359222_n
Now this region may not appear to be a getaway that you want to take your kids into. We found we were not the only ones staying at the hotel who brought their kids along. A few families had their clan of three and four with them too. DSC_8111
What kid doesn’t like taking a cruise along the river? Along with a ride along the river, children can enjoy the outdoor pool surrounded by unbelievable views at the CS Vintage House Hotel during warmer months.DSC_8041
Now this trip was in the fall and we didn’t partake in those options but our next stop in the blogging world will be in the city of Porto, Portugal. Where our child was able to see more than just foliage and fish in the water. We enjoyed a river cruise, rode a sky lift along the Douro River and tasted different types of Port wine. {Well, his parents tasted the port.}
Cheers to celebrating the past, living in the present, future surprises and enjoying this beautiful planet God has created, as we reach individual goals and milestones!282903_565956143491246_906013978_n

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