Middle Child

No one in “my family” is a middle child by biological birth order.
When it comes to living out this chopped up journey, my husband, son and I are all
middle children. Are you wondering what I am talking about?
I’m talking about my life, as a spouse in the military. My husband has served on both sides of the military, enlisted and currently he is an officer. Can I just say that it really stinks being the middle child! I call it that because I now live in the middle.
You’ve lived both sides and have encountered many social events where the last thing you want to bring up is what your husband does for a living. I am extremely proud of what my husband has worked to accomplish in life but when it comes to who I am as a person it has nothing to do with his career. One day you could be at a painting class, at the park, your son’s soccer game, or standing behind the chair chopping/coloring hair, conversation is flowing just fine, you are laughing, sharing and bonding about things you have in common. Then you get the dreaded question.
What does your husband do in the military?
You’re stuck, in the middle, searching your mind for what you should say.
You know that the minute you speak of what side your husband serves on you’re wondering how the rest of “real” bonding time will go.
A few months back I was attending an event where a woman totally unloaded her heart. She might have had one two many drinks but sometimes that serum that slides it’s way down the throat regurgitates a bit of truth.  I don’t like it when people talk bad about my older or younger sibling. I know that there’re really bad children who have brought on reasons many feel the way they do. My son is getting ready to start his first year of school.
I am praying for my middle child. He was born into our family as an enlisted son and is now under the shadow of his officer dad. He didn’t ask for the badge that his dad wears and earned. Kids are mean, people can be mean. I yearn for a life where badges don’t matter. It doesn’t exist even in the civillian world either. You work hard to make a better life for your family and when you achieve a place
where you’re able to give back, with time or finances, ridicule seems to follow. What’s the saying you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t? So as I swim through living, I will try and continue to be an easygoing middle child. Listening to truth from the hearts of all my sisters, the oldest and youngest. In the end, what matters across the globe, goes beyond badges.
And it wears no rank in the afterlife.

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