Make Way

Well, I promised myself I wouldn’t wait another year to blog. So I am going to do my best to put my thoughts and a few photos into this part of the social media realm, until I am finally caught up on mini explorations. For the past year, we have not left the state of California. In fact, we’ve only at the most taken 72 hour explorations. The above photo is of McWay Falls. There are only two waterfalls that flow into the ocean in California, McWay Falls and Alamere Falls. A visit to McWay Falls was our first day trip away from home here in California. Today I say, “Make Way!” Make way for the next few blogs. They will cover little day trips or 72 hour overnight road trips in the state of California that have nothing to do with LA or Hollywood. 
From the Redwood Forest to Death Valley, we’ve explored a little bit and today I am taking time to share one of my favorite travel destinations. Welcome to Big Sur.
You’ve heard of Big Sur located on the Central Coast of California, right? If you haven’t it’s a curvy stretch of highway with steep cliffs and breathtaking views. It’s about 90 miles long and starts in Carmel and ends where The Hearst Castle is located. It is a stunning drive. My husband and I enjoyed the views back in 1999 on our very first vacation. We drove from Denver to San Diego, and up the coast to San Francisco. It was lovely, even for a young couple that didn’t have much money. I remember saving $1,000.00 for that road trip. We spent every penny. I sure do wish they had and back then. Boy how times have changed. We wanted to show our son this gorgeous coastline we experienced years ago. I am glad my family decided to not wait until the last minute to visit Big Sur. 
Thankfully we made a day trip down and visited the week we arrived in Monterey a year ago this month. It’s a good thing we decided to visit when we did. I was so thankful that my sister Casey and nephew Oliver visited when they did as well.
 Travelers beware, the Big Sur area really took a beating with the record breaking Soberanes Fire. The fire burned for nearly three months and is the most expensive fire in the history of the United States. You may have heard about it on the news. The fire and the rain were something we won’t forget of our time here on the Central Coast. Some days the winds would bring the smoke on over and ash would cover the ground here in our area.
It was nothing compared to what the ones down South and out East experienced. Now businesses are suffering the loss of tourist dollars this Summer.
Then the rain came. After years of drought in this state, California finally received ample amounts of rain, along with damaging mudslides that have closed portions of Big Sur down. The weather unfortunately damaged Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge. The bridge is scheduled to reopen in September of 2017. If you’re headed on a road trip to California, and are wanting to drive from San Francisco to LA, be prepared to turn around at some point. Google, google, google to find out when the area will be opened up again. Although seeing a piece of the coastline that is open, is worth it, even if the traffic can be unreal in and out of the area.
Bixby Bridge pictured below. 
I will mentally “Make Way” for another travel blog. What do I want get out of my brain and share next? Old Faithful in Napa Valley, General Sherman in Sequoia National Forest, a day trip to the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, the California Poppies in Antelope Valley, photos of the abundant wildlife we’ve encountered, The Avenue of Giants or ??? California is packed with such diversity. It’s truly a beautiful playground. If you’ve never visited California, I hope you can one day… Make Way…

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