Let It Snow, No….

1016914_485580738195454_1508358096_nThe weather outside is frightful, without A/C it is not delightful and without it I must let go; I’m saying let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…….970260_485581164862078_1582380301_n
No, I am kidding. Today I am not really sweating but am tripping back into a past getaway. 1045143_485581258195402_1039591012_n
A bit of snow was chilling in June of 2013 while we visited the highest point in Portugal, Torre.1001749_485581018195426_36546575_n
Torre is located in the Sierra de la Estrella, where bicyclists clip in and bike up during summer and skiers strap on their boots and grasp their poles as they carve their way down in winter.971656_485581064862088_1126279894_n
As you make your way to the top you will see natural beauty all around you. Nothing but natural!!! 1044276_485580884862106_431802326_n
935802_485580968195431_1550991705_n600244_485580794862115_446154649_nIf you’re planning a trip into the Sierra de la Estrella during the summer, your eyes will be treated to goats grazing on the hills,944163_485581344862060_554258545_n
monuments carved out of the rock,972038_485580934862101_168054506_n
and wild lavender blooming as you twist and turn your way into and out of Manteigas.941783_485580744862120_2109921964_n (1)
Manteigas is a quaint Portuguese town, where homes are coated in white alabaster and the roofs are covered in terracotta tiles. It’s a perfect place to rest, buy produce, have refreshment and live naturally.480447_485581394862055_1709203980_n
Many, who live, explore or holiday in Europe know that hotels may not come with A/C. It’s the stuff many of my American friends, including myself have taken for granted.992900_485581144862080_1291130452_n
Hotel Berne located in Manteigas, not only comes with A/C but a pool that is heated!!!!!! Well, heated naturally for its guests by the sun. Now who on earth would want a heated pool in June????1005905_485581431528718_731474254_n
Ask a Portuguese or a temporary transplant about it when you visit………Tomorrow, tomorrow the sun will be out and there will be no snowing!1013185_485581181528743_1466113642_n
It’s not time yet, to get relief from the summer heat, but if you visit Portugal and you don’t have snow blowing through A/C in your hotel room, cool off real fast with a dunk in the icy cold Atlantic, find a hotel with a pool, heated or not heated or splash yourself in melted snow! GPS coordinates to Manteigas, Portugal 40.406438,-7.539421. It’s a perfect town to rest after a good work out through the Sierra de la Estrella.996811_485580774862117_1612207382_n

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