La la la-la la la,

DSC_5420La la la-la la la,
Sing a happy song.
La la la-la la la,
Smurf it all day long….DSC_5490
Sometimes you just don’t feel like smurfing it. At the beginning of the week Grumpy smurf visited leaving me feeling a bit blue, much like the color of the only smurf village in the world located in Júzcar, Spain.DSC_5409
We made a brief stop in Júzcar while on Spring Break 2014.  Júzcar  was once a white washed town that is now painted the color of smurf blue.DSC_5461
It is located in the Andalucía region of southern Spain. It’s our first stop as we explore the Andalucía region via digital disk. In 2011, Sony Pictures used 1,000 gallons of blue paint and transformed this hillside town from alabaster white to a smurfy blue.DSC_5471
Sony chose this town and used it to host an event to promote the cartoon movie “The Smurfs 3D”.DSC_5436
Sony said they would paint it back to the original color after the event but three years later Júzcar, is still painted blue. Thanks to the influx of tourists, due to its anomaly, the economy in this village has been boosted and residents still live in the blue zone.DSC_5469
My little Happy smurf made it home and I’m smurfing myself a grin! A sweet place that reminds me of candy canes will surface tomorrow from another Andalucían town, I’ll see you next time from Córdoba, Spain.DSC_5447

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