150785_442653055821556_1682303363_nDo you ever feel like a little spider living in an itsy bitsy world?548900_442653125821549_1309192596_n
Today is not a rainy day and I am not feeling washed out. The sun is shining but in order for me to function properly I have to release a part of my creative side out of me. It may be cooking a meal, chopping hair, decorating, painting or writing a blog. Since tonight, I am choosing to make breakfast for dinner and the other stuff is not going to happen, a blog it is. It’s a travel blog from the past.20805_442658982487630_1098029200_n
A year ago we visited the towns of Braga and Guimarães, Portugal. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. On that day the rain tumbled down and drenched our day, as we made our way into the center of Braga, the 3rd largest town in Portugal.58044_442653069154888_851559238_n
But before we were greeted to what keeps this part of the country so lush and green, we had bright blues skies and white puffy clouds surrounding us as we ascended up to the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte.30544_442652839154911_660588674_n
Instead of climbing 381 feet to the top, we welcomed a ride on the Bom Jesus funicular, the oldest water counterbalancing funicular in the world.64847_442652499154945_1972256022_n
We decided to walk the 116 meters down and back to our car after exploring the grounds. We were oohing and aahing at the views that encompassed us.529548_442652565821605_1226406470_n
559947_442652612488267_731866757_n547933_442652512488277_289598411_nAs we made our way down the staircase of five senses, where different fountains have funny detailed features,537389_442652792488249_849429937_n
the power of the sky was about to unfold again and wash us out. The staircase was already slick so we wrapped up our time and said goodbye to Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte an enchanted place that took our breath away.374456_442652945821567_1334732235_n
After a quick stroll under umbrellas through Braga, we chowed down on some Bacalhau, a dish we order quite often while living in Portugal. This time we enjoyed it in a cozy-cave like environment called Adega malhoa. The Bacalhau is somewhere under all those potatoes. 156536_442653239154871_2048476232_n
Before the rain washes us out we will end our day in a town called Guimarães.47864_442659035820958_271052921_n
It’s where one of Portugal’s seven wonders, the Guimarães Castle, is located.559763_442658885820973_294761774_n
Here we were pummeled by the rain again and washed out. The sun, clouds and rain came and went as we strolled the town taking in the beauty as we enjoyed an ice cream cone.539628_442659012487627_29775290_n
I am going to finish my day in the sun today since it has dried up all the rain outside.545881_442653332488195_8591815_n
GPS coordinates to the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte: 41.553935,-8.381384155617_442652885821573_2038962031_n
GPS coordinates to the center of Braga: 41.550471,-8.42706248015_442653292488199_991102858_n
GPS coordinates to Guimarães 41.441677,-8.28768945565_442659015820960_1058103246_n

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