India or Indonesia? Bali, Indonesia it is…

20151222_144046By the looks of things here, with these photos of cows, you’d might think we were visiting India. I should name this blog; Eat, Love and someday I will Pray…..But I don’t feel it in my writing today. 20151222_143342
Oh and we didn’t make it to India to Pray but we went to Bali, Indonesia instead to Love.20151224_125801
So are you wondering why our travel plans didn’t take us to India to Pray?20151224_123416
Well, you’d think after living and entering into a few countries over the years, we would have remembered to research VISA issues. Yup, that little passport just doesn’t take you up, up and away to every country and continent around the globe. It would be nice, but it doesn’t work out like that.20151224_150604
When we went to Egypt, we got VOA’s.20151224_161443
When we went to Russia, we got VOA’s too…. Sometimes I wish getting things were as easy as taking out the trash. Well, it doesn’t look so easy here with these individuals in Bali taking out the trash below….20151225_104345
Yes, that is trash in those beautiful baskets that were thrust upon shoulders and heads. When we went to Australia it was our first time to apply for VISA’s before we thought about going to the airport. Yes that little, itty, bitty thing popped on our fight itinerary. It reminded you that you needed to do something very minor but oh so important before entering that country. 20151225_112328
When my husband booked our trip to India. That little, itty, bitty thing did not pop. We booked our tickets with Air India. We were grateful that Air India refunded a significant amount of our money due to our mistake in travel planning. Look at us taking accountability….What? Who does that today? We screwed up!20151225_124034
Red flags are good when planning travel. Usually you can pop into a country, pay and get a VOA, {Visa Upon Arrival}….United is AWESOME when you’re planning travel through them but sometimes not so budget friendly.20151228_101724
Anyhow, we didn’t go to India. After months of planning our adventure into Agra, New Delhi, and Jaipur, the plan was chewed up and spit out. We picked and packed two weeks of clothes into three backpacks and landed in Bali, “Love” instead. 20151225_164024
We prepared and packed all the essentials to help us ease into India gut. We were forewarned and were ready to eat our way through India. First by eating fruit. But we didn’t have to worry about India gut. We had new concerns that would bring us delicious fruit at our final destination. Below is a photograph of it. It is called Rambutan. It is a very sweet fruit that doesn’t upset your stomach and one we fell in love with while on holiday.20151225_142125
Speaking of guts and internal organs, I am thankful my body decided to have its time of the month, the week before entering Bali. Many Hindu temples in Bali don’t allow women who have not hit menopause. No human or dog checked me out, to see if I had any colorful substances flowing from my body, but ladies, if you’re planning on traveling to certain places around the world, you can sometimes run into things that are a little surprising…..20151228_120306
Bali, where love is in the air, is where we decided to spend our winter break 2015.20151225_123737
Why? Well, we asked our son what his thoughts were. I mean it was Christmas. He mentioned Bali. He had some friends go there in the past and so we went with it. It happened to be affordable and we didn’t have to sell any organs to get there.20151225_123802
Garuda Airline had an AMAZING deal that we found online to get us to Bali. The above photo was of one of our stops while visiting this island. It is at the Goa Gajah Temple. You have the Elephant Cave photographed before the bathing site photo above. Inside the cave you will find all kinds of offerings and incense burning.
So since our winter break vacation, wasn’t a bust and we made it to Indonesia, I will share with you a little of our adventure. These Balinese dancers who entertained us one evening at dinner were really fascinating. Their eyes and sharp movements while performing, seemed  kind of creepy at first, but  you start to notice yourself moving and twitching like them to the sound of the music. What seemed liked creepiness at first, turned into a beautiful, mesmerizing dance. It grew on me, real fast.
We spent a lot of time with Bobo, our taxi cab driver. He took us to all sorts of places on Bali. Below is a photo of Bobo. He was a super kind and calm spirited individual. So we reached out for his services many times while in Bali. On the last day, we arranged for him to pick us up from the airport and he brought us two bags of coffee. Have you ever heard of Kopi Luwak coffee? It’s the most expensive coffee in the world because of the process the coffee goes through. The locals don’t pay the price that the ones around the world pay for it. It was so very kind of Bobo to give us this departing gift. If you’re headed to Bali and are in need of a taxi, which you probably will be, contact Bobo through Whats App at- +62 812-3629-9919.PhotoGrid_1451432115116
Bobo was not included with the package we purchased through Bali Safari Park. We had a different taxi driver that afternoon. Boy howdy, what a different experience. It certainly was an energy shift. Let’s put it this way, we called Bobo back time and time again to take us on our adventures so that we could get safely back to the resort afterwards. The Bali Safari park was pretty cool though. Sorry my friends who don’t believe in what we are doing in the photo below. We did do the ten minute ride on an elephant, which was plenty of time. I think you have an option to do the thirty minute ride. Again ten minutes was plenty. The boys held a yellow boa constrictor. I did not channel my inner Britney Spears and skipped that part. Our son hung out with a binturong for a second. It was enough time to snap some photos. Oh, a binturong is also known as a bear cat. I didn’t know until I googled it.
That binturong was a friendly little guy. So in keeping with the animal thing, since we truly enjoy seeing animals, especially monkeys that are free to roam wherever they choose, I will include three stops to see some monkeys in their element. First stop on the random monkey viewing, was at the Ubud Monkey Sanctuary, located in Ubud.DSC_4149
Here you can purchase fruit for the monkeys to eat. They were quite pleasant but aggressive in taking the fruit from you. Thankfully we came away with no bites. Especially, since they were all over us.PhotoGrid_1451038133088 - Copy
Well all over my boys…I kept my distance taking photos. The second stop of seeing monkeys was at the Padang Padang beach. Oh my gosh they were some bad monkeys. So I kept my distance in taking photos since they were drinking little cups filled with beer and would hiss at you when you came near them. They were totally not cool. Maybe we made contact too soon or way too late. Not enough of the spirit consumed or way too much going on here???20151229_164236
Finally our third stop was at the Uluwatu Temple. They are not kidding when they say keep your glasses, hats and phones put away when you pay to enter. They were some ornery monkeys. They also knew when the sun was about to set. They followed the herds of people to the evening ceremony.20151229_165958
 The Uluwatu Temple was flooded with monkeys but the Taman Ayun Temple, Batuan Temple and Tanah Lot Temple were not.
The Uluwatu Temple from one view.
The Taman Ayun Temple.20151228_121633
At the Taman Ayun Temple, my husband was asked by these fellas if they could take a photo with him. It was funny. In all the years of exploring this was a first. PhotoGrid_1451278272448
They fought over getting a photo with him. It was a site and we were laughing after the experience. I called it my “Magic Mike” moment. Been with my man for 18 years and have never seen men swoon over him like that. They were tourists too not locals. Next we have the Pura Dalem Sakenan Tabanan Temple. Here you showed respect to the people by wearing a skirt around your clothing. No husband, you can’t wear your speedo here. Oh you also wear a sash or skirt at the Uluwatu Temple but I forgot to mention that above. Photographed below is the Pura Dalem Sakenan Tabanan Temple.PhotoGrid_1451105796000
Finally we have Tanah Lot. Now you couldn’t go out to Tanah Lot that day and I am not sure you can actually go inside unless you are Hindu. So we visually explored it from the shoreline. But when the tide is low you can walk out by it.20151228_133823
 Bobo took us to so many interesting places. A taxi is fairly inexpensive and I will warn you, you will spend a few hours in it, getting from one place to another. The traffic in Bali is hellacious. You will not get bored by any means while cruising the streets of Bali. There is so much action going on all around. I was surprised that we did not see a single wreck or that we were a part of one. These scooters zip all alongside the cars. These were three of my favorite scooter families There are many photos that are not pictured in this blog. The skills. What seems crazy to one person is not to another….PhotoGrid_1451289185319So in our hours, upon hours of driving, we made it up to Mt. Batur. It is an active volcano. When we arrived it was pouring rain and you couldn’t see it. But by the time we wrapped up lunch it was peaking through. Check it out. You can kind of see the remains of a previous eruption below.20151225_143726
On the way back to our hotel, which was located in Nusa Dua, we stopped at the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. PhotoGrid_1451038618064 - Copy
You know I have mixed feelings with travelling anymore. I will save it for a later blog. I will say this. The workers above in this rice terrace, probably make more money posing for photos than they do working these terraces for the world to be able to eat. Again, I will go there only in my thoughts. If you’re searching for a place to stay in Bali it is very easy. is a great way to go to find a private, inexpensive Villa. Most of them come with private pools. I’ve listened to a few of my hair guests in Guam, speak of their experiences in Bali. Many of the villa owners, provide services from cooking lessons to massage at a very reasonable rate. Your $$ goes a long way in Bali.  We were crunched in timing and scheduling our impromptu trip to Bali. Thankfully we found a last minute deal for three people. It didn’t break the bank in Nusa Dua. It came with free breakfast so that was a perk! We chose to stay at the Marriott Courtyard. Another traveler thing you do, when you can, is stay where you are able to earn points. It helps pay for the next get away. Here is a view from one of the days we took it easy and didn’t do any exploring. It was real rough trying to relax here.  20151229_112920
 We currently live on an island and we have our son taking surf lessons from Joe and Hidemi, better known as, Joe&Demi Villatore. They run Hui Nalu Ocean Club on the island of Guam. So if you’re moving to Guam and are interested in surf lessons for your little person, check them out. I highlighted the links above. Below are a few photos of my boys. Good grief, I would bore you if I posted all of my photos. That’s my boy putting his lessons to use.PhotoGrid_1450950582951
I have much more to share but will wait for you to share your adventure with me. As the sunsets over the Indian Ocean on our last night in Bali.20151229_185900I think about a few things. A little boy getting his hair chopped in an open air barbershop you could walk right up to from the side of the street. I mean as a chopper and dyer I like to see how it goes down around the world.
20151226_172121Also, the time we visited a site and paid to use this toilet. We are use to paying to get rid of substances from our bodies. You do it everywhere you go in Europe. But this was a first. I took a pink bucket, dipped it into the water basin filled with water and dumped it into the pot below to flush my waste.20151228_115403Oh what my eyes have seen. When someone tells you, you’ve changed. Embrace it. Travelling does that to you. When you see parts of the world with your own eyes, outside of what Hollywood movie delivers to the big screen, you really do change. Changed for the better? Maybe to some. You tend to become more selective to who you open your heart to. Some people aren’t ready to hear what you’ve seen. How about changing for the worst? Maybe to many people from your life that haven’t seen the same things. The world opens your eyes outside of your motherland. You change in lots of ways because people don’t view you as they knew you.20151229_155637
Sometimes you can’t remember the person you use to be. Because the person you become while exploring changes you into someone you have never known. You know that movie, Eat, Pray, Love??? Well, I had my eating moment at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele while living in Naples and had my loving moment in Bali. Mistakes turn into blessings and that is what we prayed for on this adventure……No busting here and one day we’ll make it to India, I pray.PhotoGrid_1456306394831 (1)

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